1×1: Mexico approves against Brazil, but is eliminated on penalties

1x1: Mexico approves against Brazil, but is eliminated on penalties

Against the Brazilian squad that planted a team with outstanding experience in European clubs, the Mexican team did not have its best performance, but did not receive a goal and fell on penalties in the semifinal

Mexico fell to Brazil in the penalty shootout. The high notes were taken by the defense players and the attack players could not beat the archer of the verdeamarela.

The Tricolor players had a good performance, but could not reach the final of the Olympic soccer tournament.


Guillermo Ochoa – 9

Ochoa kept Mexico alive throughout the game, guessed Brazil’s penalties, but couldn’t prevent Verdeamarela’s goals.

Johan Vasquez – 9

Regardless of the score, the Pumas defender was at the height of a semifinal against Brazil, always attentive and on time to avoid the rival’s goal. Penalty failed.

Cesar Montes – 9

Montes surpassed Brazil for the height. In most of the corner kicks, the center-back beat the South American team.

Jesus Alberto Angle – 8

Angle’s mission was to prevent Brazil from creating danger for the Dani Alvés band, he had to leave the exchange due to fatigue.

Vladimir Loroña – 7

For his band he was in charge of stopping the attacks of Brazil, he was duty-bound at the exit of the Tri for his sector, but defensively very well.

Francisco Cordova – 6

The América midfielder had a good first half, but in the complement he couldn’t hurt.

Joaquin Esquivel – 6

Joaquín Esquivel was hesitant in the match against Brazil, he could not contain the rival and came out of change in the complement.

Luis Romo – 7

Due to pressure from Brazil, the Cruz Azul midfielder had to apply himself in defensive work and contribute to the attack.

Henry Martin – 8

The América striker knew how to retain the ball and create danger in Brazil’s goal, but was unable to score against Verdeamarela.

Alexis Vega – 8

The Chivas attacker was one of Mexico’s most dangerous against Brazil, but his efforts were not consummated.

Uriel Antuna – 6

He had the clearest play from Mexico in the first half, he was not the dangerous player in other games.


Carlos Rodriguez – 9

The Rayados midfielder came in to undermine Brazil’s control and managed to ease the pressure on Guillermo Ochoa’s goal.

Diego Lainez – 8

The Betis midfielder came in for Uriel Antuna, he created problems in the defense of Verdeamarela.

Jesus Angulo – 7

Canelo took the place of Francisco Córdova and contributed little in the match against Verdeamarela.

Roberto Alvarado – 8

Alvarado took over from Alexis Vega in overtime and created some dangerous plays, albeit to no avail.

Eduardo Aguirre – 7

The Santos striker had an uncomfortable game, he didn’t have any option in front of Brazil’s goal. Penalty missed.

Adrian Mora – 8

The defender came in to refresh the defense and resisted the pressure of the verdeamarela, to take Mexico to penalties.

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