Alejandra Valencia is received with mariachi in Hermosillo

Alejandra Valencia is received with mariachi in Hermosillo

The Mexican arrived in her hometown with a great reception after winning a bronze medal.

With the bronze medal won in mixed archery she was like the Mexican archer Alejandra Valencia was received in her native Hermosillo after her participation in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The Mexican arrived tonight in her hometown, where her family received her and a mariachi celebrated the arrival of the athlete.

Alejandra Valencia achieved the first medal for Mexico in the summer joust by achieving third place with the Baja California, Luis Alvarez.

“Happy because really if it is something we were looking for, we wanted to achieve it, we achieved it and that means the good work we did to get there and that we can still do better,” Valencia said upon arrival.

In the same way, she acknowledged that she has a feeling of bitterness, since she failed to advance from the quarterfinals in women’s individual archery after losing in the final shot. “Good and bad (it feels), there are many things, it was only 12 millimeters, it was a good way to lose, it was not so much difference, so it’s okay, let’s go there.”

Alejandra Valencia He pointed out that the conditions that were experienced in Japan were not the best, since the arrival of a typhoon affected the performance of the athletes.

“The conditions were horrible, it was hot, it was very humid and the wind was at its best, more than anything the experience left by the medal, is what we had to do to get there, it was a super varied podium and there it was who adapted first ”, declared.

Alejandra asserted that she will not have time to rest, since in less than a month the next Archery World Cup will be experienced, so she will have to start her next process for Paris 2024.

“As in three more weeks the World Cup is coming, it has been the last archery event of the cycle and again to start. 2022 is a year without any international tournaments. Pure world cups and on the 23rd the strong begins, Central and Pan-American ”, he expressed.

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