Dominican looking to keep the offense on against veteran Scott Kazmir

Dominican looking to keep the offense on against veteran Scott Kazmir

After leaving Israel on the ground, the Dominicans put their hopes in Denyi Reyes to continue advancing in search of medals

At 24 years of age, the right Denyi Reyes Perhaps he never imagined that the most important match of his life, so far, would be in Tokyo at the Olympics.

These would be the times when he would continue to do his job in the minor leagues to seek his debut and stay in the majors. But the Boston Red Sox man is tasked with preventing Tyler austin, Triston Houses, Eddy alvarez and company keep doing theirs, and thus try to put the Dominicans in the fight for the gold medal.

With the victory against Israel, they assured at least to continue in the search for a bronze medal, but the team has shown that it has the material and the guts for much more.

Denyi shot on a two-thirds blank inning against South Korea, retiring the two opponents he faced.

In contrast, he will have a veteran of a thousand battles in front of him. Scott kazmir. The 37-year-old left-hander attempted a major league comeback with the San Francisco Giants earlier this season but was put on assignment.

Now he has the opportunity to continue fulfilling his dream, this time debuting as an Olympic athlete.

The Americans will try to shake off the bad taste in their mouths that left them defeated by Japan in the 10th inning of the game that would have put them in the semifinal, where they fell 7-6.

The winner of this match will face the loser of the Japan-South Korea match, while the loser will enter the match for the bronze medal.

Despite the questions received by the leader Héctor Borg, the main thing will be to have a bullpen that responds to the height of their names, since in the last two meetings both Luis Felipe Castillo and Jumbo Díaz, allowed important freedoms that put in trouble to the Dominicans.

In addition, the key will be to maintain the offense that did not shine in the first games of the tournament, but that has given signs of life with home runs by Juan Francisco, Jeison Guzmán and Johan Mieses, and timely hits from the veteran Jose Bautista, who will arrive inspired before the Americans after a hit to leave Israel on the ground.

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