Kenneth Tencio to auction bicycle to bring medal to Costa Rica in Paris 2024

Kenneth Tencio to auction bicycle to bring medal to Costa Rica in Paris 2024

The athlete arrived in the country received by all his loved ones after his historic participation in Tokyo

Kenneth Tencio left the name of Costa Rica very high in the Olympic Games with the fourth place that the BMX Freestyle but he is still a long way from settling down and he is already planning what to do to further develop his potential and that of many other athletes who practice this same discipline.

Tencio’s goal as an athlete is not yet fulfilled, he is very young and his desire is to continue growing and that is why he knows that he needs a strong investment of resources in his own park in which he trains in the courtyard of his house located in Jacó, for which he made the determination that he will auction the bicycle he used in the jousts with which he shone representing Costa Rica so he can inject all that money back into his training ground.

“I built it recently, I wanted to take it with almost everything new, I am opting for options such as auctioning it to raise funds to enlarge the park,” Tencio said upon arrival in the country this Monday.

The reasons why he wants to make this economic investment is simple, his park is functional for him to practice his tricks but it is far from being the size he needs, according to the athlete, his practice field is 25% of the size compared With whom he was competing in Tokyo and that makes a lot of difference on the physical plane.

“If there is something that affected me, it is that the parks are very big, my park has a little bit of everything but I don’t have to pedal from one place to another, it is one of the things I want to change now to Paris 2024”, He explained.

Costa Rica it does not have parks that comply with the theme of measures of the elite of the competition and I think that the facilities that I have made are very good but they are not enough “, said Tencio previously after concluding his participation in the Olympic Games the Saturday before.

The athlete has more than four years of having the so-called ’10cio Park’, in Jacó, Garabito, Puntarenas where the Carthaginian rider settled for years and wants to continue promoting his career towards success both in the Olympic cycle and in other competencies of the highest level in the BMX Freestyle.

Warm welcome

Kenneth Tencio came to Costa Rica this Monday around 11 pm and despite how late it was and that the night time restriction is already in force throughout the country, his loved ones and closest friends were there to give him the welcome he deserved after getting that historic room position for which he worked a lot.

“The truth without words, it was something we had worked a lot for, the experience I had I wanted everyone to experience so that I could tell it, it was a moment of great peace, I felt calm because the difficult thing was to get there, and what I wanted was to enjoy. I did not get what I wanted, which was a medal, but I know there is a lot to give, it is my first experience in the Olympics and we will continue training.

Kenneth Tencio He is 27 years old and intends to complete at least one or two more Olympic cycles to fulfill his goal, which is to get on the podium and receive a medal, and he also hopes that his work will motivate many people to practice the BMX Freestyle and that in the next Olympic events there will be more than one Costa Rican in competition.

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