Mexico and fed up with ‘honorable defeats’

Mexico and fed up with 'honorable defeats'

“Nothing that reproach”. The feeling of sadness that caused the defeat of Mexico at the gates of the Olympic Final had a reflection until a certain point shared: The Tricolor competed to the best of their abilities and was not enough to beat Brazil and seek a second gold in soccer.

As it is said in a systematic way, the National Team ‘fell with his face to the sun‘. It was a honorable defeat, he sweated to the last drop, and again, he did not reach because of ‘the damn penalties’.

There is one reality, or several. El Tri has had an outstanding participation in Tokyo 2020, whether or not it wins the bronze medal, after against France, but especially against South Korea, it had outstanding performances full of character, personality and a football extremely nice.

Players such as Alexis Vega, Sebastián Córdova, Henry Martín, Luis Romo or Carlos Rodríguez, made it clear that the team directed by Jaime lozano was to compete with anyone, as it was only surpassed by Japan in the Group Stage, in which it has been their worse meeting of the fair.

In the Semifinals he did not reach for many reasons. The rival was superior In general terms, in 120 minutes, Mexico was not even close to the performance it showed against the korean, Vega and Córdova got lost, and the penalties were executed in a manner regrettable. Coupled with the fact that Memo Ochoa was once again able to do more in at least one shot from Brazil (the first, for example).

Right, “nothing that reproach“; However, also that recurring feeling that you have to settle for the ‘honorable defeats‘is not entirely convincing. Mexico does not win games very often historical, and when it comes to them, one cannot and should not hide behind the fact that “he played like never before and lost as always”.

There is a good base of footballers and therefore the future can be encouraging, but the football of our country is no longer to console itself with to compete, you have to hit blunt with more frenquency. “Nothing to reproach”, no, but much to gain.

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