‘Mexico did not fail in Tokyo, but neither did it have a spectacular tournament,’ says Hernán Pereyra

'Mexico did not fail in Tokyo, but neither did it have a spectacular tournament,' says Hernán Pereyra

Mexico did not fail in Tokyo 2020, but neither did it have a spectacular tournament, “says Hernán Pereyra.

The possibility of competing for gold in Olympic football was truncated for the Mexican team when Brazil managed to define the pass from the penalty area. Although the South American team had made merits during the 120 minutes of the match to get a pass to the final, it was not but because of the poor execution of penalties that it was decided who would go on to compete for gold.

In this Tuesday’s edition of the podcast ‘Es Así y Punto’, its host Hernán Pereyra did not hesitate to argue that “Brazil was more than its rival, it generated more opportunities, in the first half it featured Guillermo Ochoa and even shot in the sticks. Although El Tri had its chances, in the balance it was surpassed by its rival and although in the previous Brazil it had a certain favoritism, it must also be recognized that it had difficulties to achieve the objective of reaching the final, “he said.

Entering fully into the analysis of Mexico’s performance, Pereyra said that “it does not represent a failure for the team of Jaime lozano not having reached the final, but it must be recognized that the same thing always happens to him against hierarchical rivals. Once again it was shown that he lacked five cents to complete the weight. “

“The execution of penalties by Mexico was very poor, while Brazil had 100% effectiveness in Canarinha. It also had the category to execute penalties, something that Tri was undoubtedly lacking and that is why Brazil is in the Tokyo 2020 final, “Pereyra emphasized.

The host of ‘Es Así y Punto’ later asked himself if the final result was fair, answering in the affirmative. “In the 120 minutes it was more, but in the final balance, this defeat does not represent a failure because he has to compete with the best teams but history always repeats itself, which is that in important games he fails to define them in his favor.”

After recalling that Brazil did not arrive with their best team but with a competitive team, “it should be mentioned that Mexico had a great preparation including friendly matches, with the best possible squad that allowed them to compete as equals against any rival. But when Matches like this semi-final arrive, they lacked football to defeat Brazil. “

Later, Pereyra acknowledged that “Mexico had three older soccer players who strengthened the team, had the preparation, the tools, the tours, which allowed it to reach this stage. But it faced Brazil and that is why it was not You can call this process failures for not reaching the final. Losing against Brazil was within the possibilities, but it is not the step I wanted to take either, because their rival was not an unbeatable team. “

Finally, Pereyra indicated that “just as I say that it is not a failure that Mexico does not compete for gold, I also maintain that it did not make a spectacular tournament either, because it had lost against Japan but had been fulfilling. It was on the verge of success as it happened in London. 2012 “.

“Now Mexico will seek bronze against Japan, in a rematch of what was the confrontation between the two in the group stage. It would be very important to return with a medal. For this reason, this match is the great final for Lozano’s team. the match that will mark a return with the feeling of duty accomplished by winning a medal or returning empty-handed, “he concluded.

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