Paola Morán and her dosage to reach the semifinal of 400 meters

Paola Morán and her dosage to reach the semifinal of 400 meters

The Mexican athlete assured that she made a strategic race with the intention of saving energy and running faster in the semifinal

The Mexican 400-meter sprinter, Paola Morán, said that she dosed the test that took her to the semifinals in Tokyo 2020, since in the last 100 she relaxed a bit when she learned that she would qualify among the first three.

With the joy of his 24 years, Paola Moran talked with ESPN Digital, hours before looking for the end of his specialty. “The plan was to run fast from the first rounds to qualify and I think I did a strategic race to position myself in the first three and to get to the semifinals and to run faster.”

Explained Paola Moran that he will no longer run strategically, because “it is already to put him with everything to go to the final. It is going to run very hard. Now if it is to go out and give everything to try to get into the medals. I’ve already saved a bit of energy and I have to give it my all ”.

Paola Moran, a native of Guadalajara, recalled that for just five years she has run the 400 meter dash, something that has given her many satisfactions, such as being on a stage as big as Olympic Games. “Due to a foot injury, I stopped doing the hurdles (also 400) and I saw that on the plane I was doing well and there I was; I saw that I could take advantage of my physical qualities and I no longer moved from there ”.

To Paola Moran, who will become a nutritionist next year, revealed that although no one can leave the Olympic Village, “I am enjoying the experience every day, always trying to give my best, both in training and in the test. Japan is a super host country and I am happy ”.

She then recounted what she did after ranking in the top three. He said that he went with his coach to witness the test of the 400 meters manly hurdles, because he loves to see her, plus he had a feeling that the world record would be broken.

For his part, his coach Luis Montes Leon He considered that his pupil for more than 12 years did the right thing on the Olympic track.

“It ran very well. He had a small injury, hurting himself a little bit last week, but he’s over it. He tells me that he has already gained confidence. That’s why after the 300 meters she relaxed a lot, apparently she felt safe. That’s why he slowed down a bit when he knew he was one of the best. I hope that already in the semifinal, giving everything, it will reach him to reach the final, “he added. Luis Montes Leon.

On an express question, he said Luis Montes Leon that Paola She is serious and at the same time a bit outgoing; “He speaks little, but he knows how to communicate very well with people” and he does not hesitate to say that his way of being has helped him achieve achievements, hoping that this time he will not be the exception, not the exception. “Athletics is everything to her,” he stressed.

As for the proof of Men’s 400 meter hurdles that they witnessed, he pointed out that “he wanted to see her for pleasure; they ran them and in the Pan American Games in Lima 2019 they also qualified in 400 with fences. Seeing the test also helped motivate him. “

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