The two commissions that Alexis Vega has in Tokyo 2020

The two commissions that Alexis Vega has in Tokyo 2020

The Tri Olímpico striker has the mission of returning to Mexico with two objects: a medal and a cell phone for his father

Alexis Vega has the mission to return from Tokyo 2020 to Mexico with two objects. The first, the main one, an Olympic medal, and the second a cell phone that his father asked for. The striker of the Mexican Olympic Team could fulfill one of the two orders he has in the early hours of this Tuesday, if they beat Brazil in the semifinals of the soccer tournament.

“I asked him to bring me the medal, so that he would bring joy to us, to the whole family and to Mexico. Besides, I asked him for a cell phone. There they are good and cheaper (he laughs), he told me that he did not know if he could bring it, that he could not leave because of the sanitary restrictions, but he was going to ask if something could be done, “says Ernesto Vega, Alexis’s father. , to ESPN Digital.

Considered one of the four “most impressive” players of the Tokyo 2020 group stage, he has tried on more than one occasion to get his father to accompany him on a tour with the Mexican National Team, until now he has not been able to. Alexis Vega went to the 2019 Gold Cup, but his father could not go because his Visa was delayed and now he stayed in Mexico, because he is restricted by the sanitary conditions imposed for Tokyo 2020.

“I couldn’t go to the Gold Cup because my visa was delayed. On that date, of the Gold Cup, it was my birthday and he wanted to give me a gift to go see it. They delayed my visa, the dream of seeing him with the oldest was not fulfilled. Now in Japan we couldn’t, because of the restrictions, nothing else is done to me ”, explains Ernesto Vega, better known as the ‘Doll’ in the neighborhood where Alexis was raised.

The 11 thousand kilometers between Tokyo and CDMX are not an impediment for father and son to keep in touch, they talk almost daily and Alexis told him that after the game between Japan and Mexico, Take Kubo paid him a visit to the dressing room.

“The other day I told him that a Japanese player spoke well of him and told me that Kubo went to look for him to ask for the shirt, that he told him that he has many qualities, that the game he has he cannot hide and hopefully he will go soon to Europe”.

Ernesto Vega expects his son to return next weekend, his wish is for him to return with a medal, and the cell phone that he asked Alexis before he left.

“The truth is, all I want is for my son to be happy, enjoy this tournament and add more achievements in his career. He struggles a lot every day to stand out and he is going to achieve it. They call me the ‘Doll’ and he is my ‘Doll’ ”.

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