Tokyo 2020: So are the duels for the medals in men’s football

Tokyo 2020: So are the duels for the medals in men's football

ESPN Digital presents you days and times of the duels that will close the soccer activity in the Olympic Games

After the eliminations of the Mexican Selection and Japan, both teams will meet in the duel for third place, so Brazil and Spain They will face each other in the grand final for the gold medal, at the end of the men’s soccer activity in Tokyo 2020.

Against this background, in ESPN Digital We present to you how the final duels will be in the dispute for the three Olympic medals in men’s football.

The Mexican national team, which was ranked second in Group A, will be measured against Japan, who qualified in the first place of the same group, so it will be the second duel between these teams in the summer tournament.

The first duel between Asians and North Americans took place on the second date of the group stage, when the host country won 2 to 1 against the Mexican national team, a duel that was key for the positioning of both teams in the face of qualification to the next phase.

For the duel on Friday, Mexico will seek 53 years later to take revenge for that bronze medal that it failed to obtain at home against Japan in the 1968 Olympic Games, so the team led by Jaime lozano will have an extra pressure to obtain the triumph in Japanese territory.

The duel between Mexicans and Japanese will take place this Friday, August 6, at 6:00 a.m., meeting that will be played on the Saitama Stadium field, where the national teams will seek to obtain the bronze medal.

In the grand final for the gold medal dispute, the selection of Brazil will face his similar of Spain. Group leaders C and D will meet for the first time at the Olympic competition.

The Spanish National Team will return after 21 years to a final of the Olympic Games, while the Brazilian national team has reached the grand final in three consecutive competitions: London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, in addition to being the current champion.

The duel between Brazil and Spain will take place next Saturday, August 7, starting at 6:30 a.m., on the field of the Yokohama International Stadium.

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