Tokyo 2020: The medals that Mexico missed and won

Tokyo 2020: The medals that Mexico missed and won

The Mexican delegation was very close in more than one discipline to hang a new medal

A few days after the end of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Mexico He has managed to win three bronze medals and the fans have enjoyed extraordinary performances by Aztec athletes who finished among the best in the world, but did not make it to the podium.

ESPN Digital presents the medals that the Aztec delegation has won and the athletes who were very close to making history.

The “Fourth Place” medals

Alexa moreno

The native of Mexicali, Baja California obtained a historic fourth place in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the final of jumping with horse, after receiving a qualification of 14,716 points.

Moreno caressed the bronze, remaining only 17 hundredths of the third place, conquered by the South Korean Seojeong Yeo, who despite not having a perfect fall convinced the jury by obtaining 14,733 units.

The fourth place for the Mexican gymnast is the best result that our country has had in the Olympic Games. In Sydney 2000, Denisse López won the eighth place in the final of horse jumping, the same apparatus with which Moreno participated.

Softball Selection

After a difficult start of three consecutive losses, but showing a good level, the softball squad managed to get up and won their last two games that allowed them to qualify to fight for the bronze medal.

In the match for third place, Mexico they faced Canada, who quickly managed to take the lead on the scoreboard, but the Aztec team would manage to equalize, however, the Canadians would mark a third race that would be final and they stayed with the bronze.

Dolores Hernández and Carolina Mendoza

In the synchronized three-meter springboard event, Hernández and Mendoza finished in fourth place with 275.10 units. The divers from Germany took the bronze medal by scoring 284.97 points.

“We are very happy; we were just a few points away from the medal, we earned our place for the world series ”, Carolina commented after her participation.

However, the Mexican diver Paola Espinosa He turned on social networks by criticizing the performance of Mendoza and Hernández and hinting that she and her partner could have won a medal.

“Today was my turn at Tokyo 2020, There was no medal for Mexico, I regret that they did not let us fight for the podium with Melany Hernández as owners of the 3m synchro square, world medalists and being among those eight world couples, we gave them an Olympic diploma. It was so viable, ”wrote Paola, who later offered an apology to those who misinterpreted her message.

Yahel Castillo and Juan Celaya

The Castillo and Celaya duo came very close to obtaining the bronze medal in the synchronized three-meter springboard event. The reality is that their last dives were not the best, while the German couple closed in a better way so they hung the medal for third place.

“It gave me an experience of what it feels like to be in an Olympic final, how I have to stop, how I have to dive and what I have to think to be here. It motivates me a lot to keep wanting it and I’m not going to rest until I get it, ”Celaya said.

Jorge Martin Orozco

It culminated in fourth position in the final of Sports Shooting in the olympic pit, a position that represents a historical site for Mexico in some Olympic Games.

The Tapatío shooter was eliminated in the third round of the competition with 28 points. During the first three rounds of the finals, Jorge Orozco He was in the lead by not missing any of his first 15 shots. However, from the fourth round on, the Mexican missed his first shot and ended up being out of the medals.

Kevin Berlin and José Balleza

On the 10-meter platform, Balleza and Berlin finished fourth with 407.31 points. The first place went to the couple from Great Britain, silver went to China, while the Russian duo took the bronze medal.

“I enjoyed this competition, of course the nerves are always present, but we gave our best until the last dive, we went from less to less, but we showed what we are,” said Berlin.

Medals achieved

Alejandra Valencia and Luis Álvarez | Bronze Medal in Mixed Archery

The first medal won by the Mexican delegation in Tokyo 2020 it was thanks to the arrows that El “Abuelo” and Alejandra Valencia in the Yumenoshima field.

The Mexican duo had brilliant performances throughout the competition, debuting with a resounding victory over the German duo of Michelle Kroppen and Florian Unruh by 6-2.

In the quarterfinals, Valencia and Álvarez beat representatives of Great Britain, Sarah Bettles and Patrick Houston. The Mexicans won 6-0 and the result caused them to position themselves as candidates to win the gold medal. However, in the semifinals, San An and Je Deok Kim, the duo of the Republic of Korea, became the executioner of the Aztec couple by winning the match 5-1.

In the confrontation for third place, “El Abuelo” and Valencia easily beat the Turks Yasemin Anagoz and Mete Gazoz 6-2 and became the first Mexicans to get on the podium in the Japanese tournament.

Alejandra Orozco and Gabriela Agúndez | Bronze medal in 10-meter synchronized platform

In the last Olympic competitions, Mexico has been characterized by providing great performances in the pool and in Tokyo 2020 the Aztec couple formed by Orozco and Agúndez gave the country a new medal in this discipline.

During the competition, the start of Orozco and Agúndez was not the best but they achieved good grades in their last three dives, highlighting their fourth jump when performing a 3 1/2 laps execution in position C. This dive allowed them to get into the fight for the olympic medals.

The bronze of Orozco and Agúndez was finalized after the Japanese couple did not have a good qualification in their last dive.

Aremi Fuentes | Bronze medal in Weightlifting in category 76 kilograms

The Chiapas athlete shone at the Tokyo International Forum and gave Mexico his third medal in the Olympic joust. Fuentes became the fourth Mexican to win a medal in the weightlifting discipline.

Aremi lifted a total of 245 kilograms to be below the Ecuadorian Neisi Dajomes with 263 kilograms and the North American Katherine Nye with 249.

Fuentes’ medal was dramatically defined after South Korean Suhyeon Kim failed to lift the 140 kilograms she tried twice in the jerk that would have given her 246 to beat the Mexican.

Kim lifted 140 kilograms in his second attempt at the jerk after failing to get 138 in his first turn, however, the judges canceled the lift for fouls, on his last opportunity he lost the bar and was unable to get up.

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