Brazilian Ana Marcela Cunha wins gold in open water swimming

Brazilian Ana Marcela Cunha wins gold in open water swimming

The Dutch Sharon van Rouwendaal and the Australian Kareena Lee completed the podium in the test

TOKYO – The Brazilian Ana Marcela Cunha won the 10-kilometer open-water swim competition on Wednesday in Tokyo 2020.

Cunha stopped the clock at one hour, 59 minutes and 30.8 seconds, finishing nine tenths of a second ahead of the defending champion, the Dutch Sharon van Rouwendaal, who was left with the silver with a time of 1: 59.31.7.

The australian Kareena lee completed the podium with 1: 59.32.5.

Cunha won his first medal in his third Olympic Games. Five years ago he finished in 10th position in Rio de Janeiro and was fifth in Beijing 2008.

“We came wanting this medal as you can not imagine,” he said. Cunha. “I told my coach that it was going to be very difficult for my rivals to win this competition, because of how much I wanted it, and how well I was prepared.”

The american Haley anderson finished sixth, followed by his compatriot Ashley twichell.

Cunha Y Twichell they traded the lead in the first five laps before the American lagged behind to fourth. The german Leonie beck passed Cunha on lap 6, when the first eight swimmers broke away from the rest of the group. They swam in parallel groups of four, and the Brazilian soon took the definitive advantage.

“We are Latino, we are hot, we are emotional,” he said. Cunha. “So I had to keep a cool mind during the competition and stay focused. I knew she was ready for that.

Van rouwendaal he was in the top 10 before starting his attack on lap five. It ranked third behind Beck Y Cunha and passed read in the final lap to secure the silver.

“I had to be smart and I didn’t want to swim up front because, like the favorite, they could weigh me down,” said the Dutch. “So I tried to stay in second and third, and then I saw Ana. Better to let her go to the front and then she could come back, but it was really difficult.

The competition started at 6:30 a.m. in an attempt to avoid the high temperatures and humidity.

In the final stages of the race, the air temperature was 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), with 74 percent humidity and a wind chill of 35 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit).

The water temperature was 29 Celsius (84 Fahrenheit), below the allowable limit of 31 Celsius (88 Fahrenheit).

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