Colombia resorts to TAS by decision of judges in fight of Yuberjen Martínez

Colombia resorts to TAS by decision of judges in fight of Yuberjen Martínez

The Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) filed a legal appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) against the controversial decision of the judges of the Olympic Games, which defeated Japan’s Ryomei Tanaka in a quarterfinal flyweight fight against Yuberjen Martinez on Tuesday.

“The Colombian Olympic Committee is allowed to report that, after the final result of the last fight of boxer Yuberjen Martínez in the XXXII Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, it filed before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS), a legal recourse against the decision made by the judges of the fight between Yuberjen Martínez and Ryomei Tanaka, “the COC detailed in a statement.

Both that body and the Colombian Boxing Federation gave a “special power” for lawyers Felix Andrés Burgos Méndez and Luis Fernández Aguilera to present the claim at a hearing, which takes place this Wednesday, August 4. .

Martinez won the first round in which he took advantage of the exchanges in the middle and close range and made Tanaka bleed from the right eyelid, which gave him the favor of four of the five judges.

The Japanese came out more aggressive in the second round, took the initiative, hit the Colombian’s face with his left-handed rectum and defended himself well from the response blows to take the round.

After six minutes, four ballots marked ties 19-19 and one 20-18 in favor of the Colombian.

In the third round, due to the arduous nature of the fight, both boxers were tired. However, physically the Colombian who defended himself against the 1-2 of the Japanese and his left-handed straight was noticeable.

In the end, the judges gave the Japanese the victory, a controversial decision that was enlarged after images of the Japanese were known leaving disoriented and carried by two people who then put him in a wheelchair to remove him from the sports scene.

Meanwhile Martínez, runner-up in the light fly category in Rio 2016, showed his annoyance at the decision and said after the confrontation: “I don’t know what fight the judges saw.”

In the semifinal, Ryomei Tanaka will face the Philippine Carlo Palaam on Thursday, who defeated the Olympic and world champion Shakhobidin Zoirov of Uzbekistan 4-0 in a lawsuit stopped in the second round by an injury to the European eyelid, caused for a head butt.

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