Dominican athletes make Tokyo 2020 a historic Games for the country

Dominican athletes make Tokyo 2020 a historic Games for the country

The milestones reached by the women of Quito have marked the competition and are proof that women’s sport should be promoted

It seems like a long time ago, but only a few months ago the celebration of the Tokyo Olympic Games was in danger for the same reason that world sport came to a standstill: Covid-19.

The pandemic caused the suspension or cancellation of various qualifiers and championships scheduled to serve as preparation for the great event in Japan.

But throughout this difficult stretch, the Dominican Republic has stood out and the main reason for this has been because of the athletes.

Women have led the way in these Games, breaking barriers, participating with dignity and achieving what every Olympic athlete wants: a medal.

After overcoming obstacles in training as some federations and athletes have commented to ESPN Digital, the Caribbean country began to make history.

The Dominican Republic sent 7 boxers to Tokyo, a record number for this discipline, but the most relevant thing is that for the first time in history, women would have a presence.

Miguelina Hernandez Garcia was the first Dominican boxer to make her debut at an Olympic Games, followed by Maria Moronta, who won the first victory for a Dominican boxer in Tokyo on July 27, defeating Canadian Myrian Da Silva by unanimous decision.

Right after came the silver medals obtained by Marileidy paulino Y Anabel Medina in the 4×400 meter mixed relay competition. For the first time in history, Dominican women won medals in the Olympic Games.

And as if that were not enough, the weightlifter Crismery Santana she won the bronze medal, to be the first Dominican athlete to win an Olympic medal individually, achieving it in the 87 kilogram category.

With worthy participations of the Caribbean Queens who fell in the Quarterfinals against the United States, the swimmer Krystal Lara, the rider Yvonne Losos, the weightlifters Verónica Saladín and Beatriz Pirón, and the still current opportunity for Marileidy to become the first woman double medalist in Dominican history, it only remains to add that Tokyo 2020 will be forever marked by the role played by women.

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