Ecuador clings to the march for new medals in Tokyo

Ecuador clings to the march for new medals in Tokyo

Ecuador’s delegation to the Tokyo Games clings to the march to obtain new medals, after the historic two gold and one silver that it has achieved so far in weightlifting and cycling, medals that have ended a drought thirteen year old Olympian.

The young promise Glenda Morejón, 21, who competes in 20 km, or the veteran Andrés Chocho, 37 and who will run in 50 km, are some of the names of a group of nine walkers in which the Ecuadorians have the look, with the expectation of scratching some more medal in what are already the best games for the Andean country.

Until Tokyo, it only had one gold and one silver from the mythical marcher Jefferson Pérez in Atlanta 1996 and Beijing 2008, some medals that gave wings to this discipline.


The first to compete, this Thursday, will be the representatives of the men’s 20 km march, Daniel Pintado, David Hurtado and Jordy Jiménez.

For Pintado, the competition comes in one of its best moments, since it is the tricolor with the best mark in the distance with 1:20:15, achieved in the Cantones de La Coruña International Grand Prix last June.

Before arriving in Sapporo, the entire selection of gear and bottom, except Hurtado, who had to comply with isolation due to the covid, participated in an adaptation base in Kitami.

“We did a pretty good preparation, then we moved to Sapporo. I think at this moment we fine-tune everything,” said Edison Cayambe, Hurtado’s coach, through the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee (COE).

And he added that these are “a historic Olympic Games for Ecuador”, for the three medals obtained by the cyclist Richard Carapaz, and the weightlifters Neisi Dajomes and Tamara Salazar, which this Wednesday will be received in style upon their return to Quito.

Ecuador’s hope in Sapporo lights up, in a special way, with Morejón, with a medal career that exceeds her short life experience after being the U-18 world champion in 2017 and a three-time South American champion.

Meanwhile, full of experience will appear Paola Pérez, 31 years old and in her third Games, and Chocho, in her fourth Olympic participation.

His Olympic career was started by the athlete with Jefferson Pérez in Beijing and his best time is 3:52:47 in 2016.

The athlete has assured Efe that on Friday he will come out strengthened from the mistakes he made in Rio, when he was disqualified for technical failures, and willing to pay a posthumous tribute to his father and coach Luis Chocho, who died this year from the pandemic of the covid-19.

Those in Tokyo are the first Olympic Games in which Ecuador participates with full teams underway, since in the 20 kilometers ladies, in addition to Morejón and Pérez, Karla Jaramillo will also do it.


In the 50 kilometers, along with Chocho, Jonathan Amores and Claudio Villanueva will participate, who in 2012 qualified for Spain although he finally could not make his debut due to injury and in Rio 2016 he returned to his country of origin, Ecuador.

“The weather (in Sapporo) is as we imagine it, quite similar to that of Guayaquil, the training sessions have been very good. At the moment we are fine-tuning details to be able to assimilate in the best way this competition,” said Amores, 22 years old.

Athletics is the discipline with the largest number of participants in Ecuador, 17 in total, after regretting the withdrawal from its Olympic list, in July, of the sprinter and 200-meter medal contender Alex Quiñonez, sanctioned one year by the disciplinary court of the World Athletics for not being located for drug testing.

In the marathon, Ecuador will have Paola Bonilla and Rosa Chacha, and the 4/100 post team also remains to compete, with Ángela Tenorio (eliminated in the 100 meter dash), Anahí Suárez, Yuliana Angulo, Virginia Villalba and Marizol Landázuri.

Without ruling out the participation in the fight of Luisa Valverde and Lucía Yepez.


But regardless of whether any of the runners get a medal these last days of competition, those in Tokyo are already a historic Games for Ecuador.

They have attended with their largest delegation, 47 athletes, and in the largest number of disciplines, 15.

And in them he obtains his greatest Olympic achievements: a gold and a silver in weightlifting (Dajomes and Salazar); gold in cycling (Carapaz); and Olympic diplomas for a sixth place in weightlifting (Angie Palacios) and a fifth in BMX (Alfredo Campo).

In open water swimming, Samantha Arévalo obtained a not inconsiderable eleventh place.

And most importantly perhaps, he leaves Tokyo with a relatively young team that will reach its true Olympic cycle in Paris 2024.

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