Gold and world record for Sydney McLaughlin in 400 hurdles

Gold and world record for Sydney McLaughlin in 400 hurdles

Although Sydney McLaughlin was impressive, the record did not surprise anyone

TOKYO – The American Sydney mclaughlin broke the world record. Delilah muhammad, too.

Only one of the best hurdles in the world won the gold medal, and it was McLaughin the one that crossed first in the most recent chapter of the current best rivalry in athletics.

The 21-year-old from New Jersey won the 400m hurdles Wednesday by crossing the finish line in 51.46 seconds on a historic new day on the track at the Olympic Stadium.

McLaughlin He came from behind in the last 100 meters to overtake his compatriot and defending champion. The time of Muhammad 51.58 seconds was also enough to break the previous record of McLaughlin 51.9 seconds, which he imposed in the American tie last month. But Muhammad took silver and the title of the second fastest runner in the world in the test

The dutch Femke Bol finished with bronze with 52.03 seconds.

“I really believe it is steel sharpening steel,” he said. McLaughlin. “Every time we stop on the track, he is always fast.”

McLaughlin she celebrated in silence, in part because traveling 400 meters while clearing 17 obstacles is much more exhausting than she makes it out to be.

“That was the [ácido] lactic ”building up, he said.

He sat down on the floor, peered at the blackboard – yes, a record, again – he got up and walked toward the sanitation station. Muhammad He approached her, hugged her and congratulated her. They will meet again. World Championships, next July.

Although McLaughlin it was impressive, the record did not surprise anyone.

McLaughlin Y Muhammad triumphs and world records had been traded for the past two years. Muhammad broke the record at the United States nationals in Iowa in 2019 and then once again, placing it at 52.16, at the Doha world championships.

McLaughlin she broke that mark a few months ago during the heats on her way to the Olympic tournament, taking her to 51.90 to become the first woman to break the 52-second barrier.

From lane 7, Muhammad he had an explosive start – perhaps too much – and took advantage of the first straight.

“The perfectionist in me thinks’ I could have done it, I can do that,” she declared. Muhammad. “But I can’t do that much.”

Little by little and constantly, McLaughlin caught up with him and they were practically tied when they reached the last 100 meters. In clearing the last hurdle, it was McLaughlin the one that began to peel off.

The 0.12 second margin was narrow, but not as tight as in Doha, when McLaughlin fell by 0.07 seconds.

The Panamanian Gianna woodruff finished in seventh position with 55.84 seconds.

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