Great reception for Dajomes and Salazar on their arrival in Quito

Great reception for Dajomes and Salazar on their arrival in Quito

The medalists Naisi Dajomes and Tamara Salazar, gold and silver respectively in weightlifting in Tokyo 2020, were received this Wednesday at the Quito airport with honors and the virtual hubbub of an audience that turned to social networks to thank the athletes .

Dajomes, the Ecuadorian weightlifter who won the gold in the 76-kilogram test, even appeared through the window of the cockpit of the plane that brought her to greet people and display a tricolor (yellow, blue and red).

The plane that carried them was received with an arc of water formed by the powerful jets of two trucks from the air terminal’s fire department, which, thanks to the wind, formed a bubble as the device passed on its way to the platform. disembarkation.

Tamara Salazar also appeared through the window of the plane, who achieved the silver medal in the 87 kilogram test, to greet the public who received them at the “Mariscal Sucre” airport, located in the Tababela sector, a peripheral parish of Quito located about 30 kilometers to the east.

His relatives and various Executive authorities were waiting at the air terminal, as well as Angie Palacios, Dajomes’ sister, who obtained an Olympic diploma after finishing sixth in the 64 kilogram test.

Jefferson Pérez also received it, gold in Atlanta 1996 and silver in Beijing 2008, in tests of 20 kilometers of Olympic walking, and that until before the Tokyo Games he was the only Ecuadorian to have achieved Olympic medals.

The curious fact was put by a dog, a pet of Naisi Dajomes, who was undone in caresses for the athlete who also hugged and caressed her.

Many onlookers were only able to greet the medalists from afar, due to the biosafety protocols applied at the air terminal.

Hugs and congratulations in abundance were registered in the room where the relatives received the athletes, while in the street a bus with the national colors and the name of Dajomes on one side, was getting ready to take the athletes to the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium, in the north of the city, where a press conference was being prepared.

Along the way, dozens of residents took to the road to greet the medalists and throughout the journey dozens of vehicles joined the caravan that took them to the heart of the city.

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