Guatemala welcomes Zacapaneco Kevin Cordón with joy!

Guatemala welcomes Zacapaneco Kevin Cordón with joy!

Badminton player Kevin Cordón, fourth place in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, is already in the country

GUATEMALA CITY – Guatemalan government authorities, his family and dozens of people received the Zacapaneco badminton player with great emotion Kevin Haroldo Cordón, who returned to the country, after his historic participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

34-year-old Cordón Buezo finished fourth in the men’s singles category of Olympic badminton. Never before has a Latin American been involved in the fight for medals in this sport, dominated by Asians and Europeans.

His parents approached La Aurora International Airport, Roberto Cordón and Dora de Cordón, and his brother, who melted into an emotional hug.

“I am very happy to be in Guatemala, it was two and a half days of transfer. I came on the road thinking what to say, but in the end the spontaneous is more beautiful. Now I just want to take this opportunity to say to all the people of Guatemala, thank you very much with all my heart, thanks to your support. I felt it, I felt it in my heart. When he went out to play he was not alone, he played all of Guatemala. Thank you very much people of Guatemala, Kevin as a person thanks you ”, were the first words of the native of La Unión, Zacapa.

Cordon referred to the achievement achieved. “I don’t believe it because you train based on your goal and dreams. Thank God, being there was no longer a dream and it became a reality. It has not yet entered my house to be among the four best in the world. As an athlete I can say that unfortunately I could not win a medal, I would have loved to win for Guatemala. Only God knows why it was not achieved on this occasion ”.

He affirmed that the best gift for him was having received the support of his family and all of Guatemala. “The best thing that could have happened to me was to have won the affection of the Guatemalans, leaving sports aside, that is the best that the Olympic Games and the beautiful 21-year career have given me. I will always carry it in my heart, in my life. Above all, I appreciate being given the opportunity to inspire children”Concluded Kevin Cordón in the press conference.

From La Unión, Zacapa, several families arrived at the airport to receive their reference. “We left at three in the morning and we came to receive Kevin because he did a great role in Tokyo 2020”said one of the women who made the trip.

From the airport to zone 1 a caravan was organized. The Guatemalans came with t-shirts alluding to Kevin, with flags, whistles, hats and above all a lot of pride.

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