“I pray that Vitor Belfort brutally knocks out this junkie”: Dana White on De La Hoya fight

Óscar de la Hoya y Dana White

Dana White, President of UFC, said he will pray that Vitor Belfort brutally knock out Oscar de la hoya, whom he also treated as a drug addict.

“I am praying that Vitor (Belfort) Knock out this crack addict, and viciously. Let him brutally knock him out “, he sentenced White in interview for The Pat McAfee Show.

But despite the harshness of Dana White, some respect peeked for the former world champion From the pot.

“As much as I can’t bear that garbage bag, From the pot It is something legitimate, ”he added. White. “From the pot and I was great, actually I was at his camp. With his pure jab he could knock people out. From the pot at its best it was the real deal. This is a real fight between two real guys. “

From the pot will face the former fighter of UFC, Vitor Belfort.

Vitorobviously has the power to knock him out, but From the pot it is not a joke either, “he analyzed White. “Hopefully all that coke, tequila drinking, and whatever other shit he’s on has affected him, and Vitor put a blow to that big mouth that he has, and knock him unconscious. “

Despite White’s sayings, De La Hoya wants to be world champion again

Oscar de la hoya is willing to emulate the achievements of George Foreman Y Bernard Hopkins. He wants to be crowned world champion again, overcoming the 44-year-old barrier.

“He already did George Foreman, already did Bernard Hopkins, maybe it’s my time to do it, ”said the Golden Boy. “It is difficult and very hard on my body. I’m 48 now, but this route is much more different and simple ”.

Foreman he stopped his career between 1977 and 1987 and returned at the age of 38. However, his coronation occurred until 1994 when he defeated Michael moorer.

George He was champion like that at 45 after 7 years of his return to the maximum boxing scene. His glory did not last so long, since days later the scepter of the AMB for refusing to defend him before Tony tucker.

Training From the pot to reign again.

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