Rommel Pacheco gives the ‘relief’ to Osmar Olvera

Rommel Pacheco gives the 'relief' to Osmar Olvera

Rommel Pacheco assured that his partner, Osmar Olvera, 17, will obtain great results in future competitions

MEXICO — Rommel pacheco He thanked the Mexican fans for the support he received during almost two decades of his career as a diver and pointed out that he passes the baton to Osmar olvera, who became his diving partner during this edition of Tokyo 2020.

“I give the baton to Osmar and I am sure that he and the other athletes will obtain great results. I am happy. In both training and competitions I gave it my all and there was nothing left of me. I am satisfied for all these years and grateful to the people, the media, Mexico and my family, ”Pacheco said upon arrival in Mexico City.

“Infinitely grateful, the experience of Olympic Games, living joys, surprises, sadness. All the athletes at the point of tears and waiting for this competition and for some it was our last participation and grateful to the people for staying awake and thank you with all my heart “, he added.

With a nervous smile and accompanied by his coach, Ma Jin, the native of Mérida, Yucatán mentioned that he will not compete again. “This was my last competition, glad to be here. I am leaving full and happy. It was a game of emotions, where Ma Jin and I hugged from the pit, the last participation. The great applause of my rivals when I took my last dive ”.

Rommel pacheco He asked that the sports authorities work on a long-term program, as he considered that this is the only way to obtain results.

“You have to work together, federation, Conade, coaches, divers, everyone. That the support goes directly to coaches and athletes. That a job of eight years and two continuous Olympic games be done so that there are results. They want immediate results, but this takes years. This is what they must do, plan for the future and it is not seen as an expense, but as an investment ”, he added.

Meanwhile, Osmar Olvera, a 17-year-old diver, said he was willing to take the post he leaves Rommel pacheco, after his first participation in the Olympic Games.

“I think that in Tokyo I showed that I am ready for whatever comes and for anything,” he said. Osmar olvera. “I am happy to have lived my first Games like this” and he assured that several judges already know him and know who he is, hence some have congratulated him.

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