Sagstrom: “Being free has meant a lot to my game as well as to myself”

Sagstrom: "Being free has meant a lot to my game as well as to myself"

The first leader of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic women’s golf tournament, Sweden’s Madelene Sagstrom revealed earlier this year that she suffered sexual abuse as a child, something that she said Wednesday has allowed her to free herself and her game.

“For me being free has meant a lot both to my game and to myself. And accepting myself as a person has been a very important part of enjoying this life and myself and feeling comfortable with who I am,” she said. at the end of his round at the Kasumigaseki Country Club.

“I think talking about things, trying to make them – not generalized – but more common, trying to make them easier to talk … you can’t do enough,” he added.

“I think what I hope is to be there for someone else by going to talk about my story. Because I know that I wish someone had done that for me. The message has been very well received. It is something that I will always fight for. and be there. As an athlete or not, I want people to feel good about what they are, “he added.

“When someone decides to speak, they no longer do it only for themselves, but for all the people who can feel identified,” added the Swede.

In February of this year the Swedish golfer told the golf LPGA: “What I didn’t realize was that I just didn’t like who I was. I felt insecure, I never thought I was worthy enough or good enough. I liked who I saw in the mirror. I couldn’t even put body lotion on my legs because of how much I hated my body, I hated myself, because of everything someone else did to me. “

Referring to the influence his compatriot Robert Karlsson has had on his career, Sagstrom commented: “Robert was a very important part of my team when I turned pro, (at) 15, 16, 17, 18. He was what I was. it held everything together. I asked her for advice, what I could do to simplify and make the transition to professional easier. This is a very different life and having that knowledge of someone was very helpful to me. We are still in touch. “

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