“He’s the Manny Pacquiao of 10 years ago,” warns Freddie Roach

"He's the Manny Pacquiao of 10 years ago," warns Freddie Roach

Freddie roach, coach of Manny pacquiaoHe pointed out that his pupil despite being 42 years old does not seem to age and has all his faculties intact like a decade ago when he was at the top of his boxing.

“He probably had his best sparring yesterday, we did ten rounds and he managed to knock the opponent down twice,” he said. Freddie roach in statements to various media.

“It was the old Manny pacquiao ten years ago ”.

Roach assured that what was achieved by Pac-man in training he has given the boxer new spirit. He said that he would like to see him take down Errol spence in his next fight.

“As usual, (Manny) he’s not a great puncher at welterweight, but those takedowns yesterday were a huge boost for him, “he explained. Roach. “I told Manny to bring down Keith thurman Soon in the fight it gave him a lot of momentum, and I would like to see that again in this (next) fight. “

Freddie roach made clear the tactic to be followed Pacquiao if you want to hurt your rival and come clean from his attacks to win the next August 21 in Las Vegas.

Spence he’s a good boxer, and he’s a very good puncher. We know that when we go in, we have to be smart to get out again, “he said. Roach. “It has to be quick combinations and then come out right away. I think that Manny is going to surpass Spence. The speed of his feet is incredible and he is much better than that of his opponent.

Freddie Roach is amazed at Pacquiao’s generosity

Roach talked about how special it is Pacquiao, especially down the ring, where the Filipino tries to help all the neediest people with his own money.

“Sometimes I think that he has no money, because he gives away his money. He is one of the most generous people in the world. He probably overpays me ”, commented for the Los Angeles Times.

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