“Lozano should not leave, but join Martino’s coaching staff,” says Hernán Pereyra

"Lozano should not leave, but join Martino's coaching staff," says Hernán Pereyra

The match between Japan Y Mexico that will be disputed in Tokyo 2020, will not only serve to decide who gets the bronze medal in the Olympic Games, but will also mean the end of the cycle of Jimmy lozano as coach of the Mexican Under-23 team, according to the advance of the technical director himself.

The importance of closing the cycle by winning a medal is more than manifest, however the subject of analysis beyond the final result has to do with the end of the link between Lozano and the Federation. So much so that Hernan Pereyra He referred to the issue in this Thursday’s edition of ‘It’s so and that’s it’ holding that “the coach should become the right hand of Gerardo Martino, because he can contribute his experience by directing the players who represent the future, even though they may have a different vision of football. They should work together ”.

The ESPN analyst also highlighted Lozano’s statements, before continuing to deepen his idea, highlighting that the coach will meet with the managers to evaluate what the Olympic process has been, who believes that Gerardo Martino’s cycle has been very good and which will do work with the largest selection. And also adding that regarding his future, he does not want to direct minor teams, which implies that he does not have space.

“His statements are very cordial and very political,” said Pereyra before adding that “it is regrettable that the link is ending. Today Jimmy Lozano would have to be an assistant to Martino, because all his work can be beneficial. He already knows players who are part of the same Tata process and that is why I maintain that it would be important for both of them to work hand in hand for the good of Mexican soccer. “

The driver of ‘It is so and period‘He also emphasized that “if he joined the staff of the senior team, Lozano could pass him a lot of information about the players he directed so that Tata can take better advantage of them. Tell him about the strengths and weaknesses of those summoned to gain time and to solve problems on the fly ”.

“Who is wrong here is not Lozano or Martino, but the federation headed by Yon De Luisa. “I am talking about the need for Lozano to join the senior team, but for this you have to put things together right from the start. They should have told Tata that for the U-23 they wanted a coach who would be part of the coaching staff of the major, to work together and, if necessary, for even Martino to choose him, something that never happened “, he emphasized.

Later, Pereyra mentioned that he does not believe that both coaches get on badly, although he did acknowledge that they have had differences in the past. “Remember when Lozano declared that Carlos Vela was being taken into account for Tokyo 2020, when Martino had said that the player could not be called up to a U-23 team after having refused to go to the major. But these differences spoke clearly that they were not working together and that they were not part of the same project. They were two independent islands with a lot of sea in between ”.

“At the end of the day, such a situation does not contribute anything to the senior team. If they worked together, today Lozano could arrive more than with a medal, with a suitcase full of experience, data and information. I understand that it can be given, but it is very different to give a report than to work hand in hand on a day-to-day basis. Regardless of whether Mexico gets bronze or not, as a general national team project, it will have failed ”, he concluded.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s like this and period ‘, also includes the analysis of Hernan Pereyra about the Argentine classic between Boca Juniors Y River Plate, along with a quick analysis of certain news and answers to questions from listeners.

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