Marileidy Paulino: From handball to becoming an athletic star

Marileidy Paulino: From handball to becoming an athletic star

The native of Don Gregorio could have been a Queen of the Caribbean since in the beginning she also experimented with volleyball

The preparation of Marileidy paulino She has been very active, gradually breaking records and breaking personal records, and was the first track and field athlete to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

All the work done has culminated well with a silver medal in the 4×400 meters mixed relay race, and it could culminate even better this Friday with a possible medal in the 400 meters where the native Don Gregorio will participate.

But this story begins many years ago, before even she imagined that she could be in the Olympics, much less compete for a medal, and also very far from Japan.

In the Aliro Paulino school of Nizao, a municipality in the Peravia province that has only 11,675 inhabitants according to the last national census carried out, Marileidy began to have contact with the sport.

“At school, it was with my physical education teacher that they discovered my potential. He made us all jump, both boys and girls, and he saw that I beat everyone and everyone in the jump, and he just said: Well, this is it! ”, Marileidy told ESPN Digital, shortly before leaving for Tokyo.

Paulino says that the teacher made some contacts with coaches in the Capital, and when they saw her they decided that she had aptitudes for both volleyball and handball.

Although they said it was good. I had to quit volleyball. When he served, he hit the ball very hard and it always ends up out. I did not like that, and I said this is not for me. Thus ended Paulino’s possible dream of becoming a Queen of the Caribbean, but he just started another.

“They told me I had a talent for handball, I practiced with the teams and who knows, maybe I could have belonged to the National Team, but there was a divine direction that had another destiny prepared for me.”

This Friday, 8:35 in the morning in the Dominican Republic, it may be the climax of a career that began as a coincidence, or because of what Marileidy thinks: “For God’s plan.”

“My goal is to be able to offer the Dominican people, my family, my coach and all my friends, a good turnout and may God give me the medal, if it is His will,” Paulino concluded.

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