Tokyo 2020 international agenda: This Friday medals are distributed in soccer, diving and athletics

Tokyo 2020 international agenda: This Friday medals are distributed in soccer, diving and athletics

We present the highlights of the Olympic activity this Friday, August 6 so that you do not lose detail of what happens in Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 experiences more and more surprises and gives more emotions. With disciplines that have already ended and others that are about to begin, the Olympic joust gives the world the best of each of the participating athletes.

For this Friday, August 6, the activity is promising and full of illusion for entire countries that want to see their competitors triumph at the top of the podium. While reaching this showcase is an achievement worthy of applause, there is still the strongest thing that is to be measured against the best in the world.

At ESPN Digital we prepare the events that you cannot miss this Friday, August 6 in Tokyo 2020.

To decide the final on the court

Time: 23:40 (Thursday)

In the women’s branch of Basketball, the final and the duel for third place will be defined, and it is that from the night of this Thursday the Olympic semifinals will take place. In the first place will be the United States against Serbia, while, in the other key, Japan will collide with France.


Time: 01:00

The qualifying and semifinals of the men’s individual branch will be held from the 10-meter platform. The Chinese look like favorites, but behind come countries like Great Britain or Mexico that want to fight for the medal.

Soccer medal day

Time: 04:00

First, in the men’s branch, Mexico and Japan will clash for the bronze medal. Both met in the group stage with a favorable result for the home team, so now, the Mexicans will look for a different story.

Meanwhile, the women’s final will be held with the duel between Sweden and Canada, who were the best combined throughout the tournament. Both teams left out powers like the United States or the Netherlands and will now seek the gold medal.

More medals in the Olympic tartan

Time: 06:50

Events such as the women’s 400 meters, the women’s 1,500 and the men’s and women’s 4×100 relays will award medals to meet the fastest athletes on the planet. The Tokyo Olympic Stadium will be adorned with the presence of the fastest participants, who will look for a metal for their country.

Rhythmic gymnastics

Time: 20:20

This discipline will live its first day of competition in what will be the closing of the summer fair. The activity will start from Thursday night and will run into the early hours of Friday.

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