“A third place tastes like Gold to me”: Jaime Lozano, Tri Olímpico coach

"A third place tastes like Gold to me": Jaime Lozano, Tri Olímpico coach

The Tri Olímpico technical director reminded the players of the long process they faced and that culminated in the bronze medal

Jaime lozano, coach of the Tri OlympicHe commented that the Bronze medal he won by defeating Japan, he knows “as if it were the gold one”, After the long process he lived to reach the Olympic Games.

You dedicate a lot to your sport, to qualify. Being here was already a success and I couldn’t settle for the great team we had. I would approach the coaches, before starting the game to greet them and then to thank them. Several told me the same thing, he has a great team and you are going to take it, you know when they say it out of gratitude or to look good, but it was not the case. We are the team with the most goals in the tournament, apart from Japan and Brazil, the difference by which we won was wide. In the end, a third place tastes to me as if it were the Gold medal, ”said Jaime Lozano, coach of Tri Olímpico.

Jimmy acknowledged that he will listen to the directors of the Mexican National Team, to choose what his future will be, regardless of the fact that he himself commented that the game against Japan would be the last in front of the Sub 23.

In the end I came to this process, I started almost three years ago and I had the clarity that I was going to be until JO, then look for what else would come for me. I would be happy, as a player it happened to me, to represent Mexico with the national team and now it is indescribable to be here. I’m going to sit down to talk with Yon de Luisa and Gerardo Torrado, I think we will come to terms with it, I never close the doors of a place where they give me the opportunity to be. Everything will be valued and what is best for both parties will be decided, ”said Jaime Lozano, winner of the bronze medal.


Jaime lozano gathered his entire team, after winning the bronze medal for Mexico. He put himself at the center of everyone and the first thing he said to the winners in the game against Japan was “thank you”, then he added: “we arrived before everyone else and we left after everyone else.”

We arrive before everyone and leave after everyone, but it was worth it“, He said Jaime lozano, technician of the Mexican team who won the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020.

In his speech of about three minutes, he recalled the process that the Tricolor to get to Tokyo 2020 and he also asked for recognition for the players who stayed in the process.

“It is not common to be there, because normally there are 16 or 17 changes, that is why you have to hold on to win,” reflected the coach of the Tri Olympic.

The The Mexican Futbol selection It was one of the first teams to arrive in Japan, as it left at the beginning of July and made a camp in Hiroshima, to acclimatize and adapt to the time change. The promise was to be the last team to return from Tokyo 2020 and they fulfill it with the bronze medal.

“Enjoy, enjoy this, because you earned it,” he added. Jaime lozano, in the last meeting on the court that he will have with his players, since he leaves Olympic Tricolor and will look for opportunities in another institution.

Lush, to be in Tokyo 2020, had to wait one more year than budgeted, due to the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to rejecting the possibility of directing the Pumas, one of his dreams, for fulfilling the commitment he made with Mexico.

The Mexican team returns until the last day of competition, because it will be at the awards ceremony and they will return to Mexico wearing the Olympic medal, which they promised before leaving.

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