Carrasco Polo defeated Old Christians 18-9 at the start of the Club Super Uru

Carrasco Polo defeated Old Christians 18-9 at the start of the Club Super Uru

The Super Uru de Clubs put first and Carrasco Polo smiled in the debut. Defeated Old Christians 18-9 and the contest began in the best way.

The first half was very closed. The short game played the leading role and neither team could gain an advantage through the try. The feet of Federico Favaro Y Jerome Etcheverry they were in charge of breaking the zero in the match at the Charrúa Stadium, although towards the end of the initial stage it was Carrasco Polo who was able to make the first difference by taking advantage of Javier Fernández’s yellow card. Santiago Hernandez he capped off a great push in the scrum and scored.

The second half was similar in all respects. The few arrivals in depth and the handling errors maintained the equality until the final minutes, when in the last play of the match Mateo Viñals received by the tip and supported the flag for Carrasco Polo and thus decree the 18-9 final over Old Christians.


OLD CHRISTIANS: 1. Diego Muñoz, 2. Gerónimo Gutiérrez, 3. Martín Cano, 4. Lorenzo Surraco, 5. Sebastían Pfeiff, 6. Santiago Azambuja, 7. Leandro Segredo, 8. James Mc Cubbin, 9. Javier Fernández, 44. Sebastián Gómez Platero, 11. Luis Zeballos, 13. Diego Ardao (C), 92. Justino Lestido, 12. Rodrigo Bocking, 21. Federico Favaro.

Substitutes: 16. José Astigarraga, 17. Gerónimo Faggi, 18. Homero Formoso, 40. Tomás Etcheverry, 19. Rodrigo García, 20. Manuel Martínez, 14. Juan Costabile, 15. Santiago Del Cerro.

CARRASCO POLO: 1. Carlos Angulo, 2. Santiago Revilla, 31. Reinaldo Piuzzi, 19. Rodrigo Lamé, 25. Lucas Piriz, 24. Manuel Castro, 11. Gonzalo Soto, 6. Santiago Hernández (C), 20. Alejo Piazza, 10. Jerónimo Etcheverry, 14. Mateo Viñals, 27. Patricio Inciarte, 22. Joaquín Freitas, 35. Tomás Bameule, 29. Francisco Berchesi.

Substitutes: 30. Ignacio Losso, 3. Gabriel Evans, 33. Daniel Gutiérrez, 4. Martín Ibarra, 28. Ignacio Forteza, 15. Felipe Etcheverry, 9. Santiago Álvarez, 12. Alejo Parra.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 9 ‘and 12’ penalties by Federico Favaro (OC), 25 ‘penalty by Jerónimo Etcheverry (CP), 36’ try by Santiago Hernández converted by Jerónimo Etcheverry (CP).

Partial result: Old Christians 6-10 Carrasco Polo

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 13 ‘penalty by Felipe Etcheverry (CP), 36’ penalty by Santiago Del Cerro (OC), 39’try by Mateo Viñals (CP).

Final score: Old Christians 9-18 Carrasco Polo.

YELLOW: 34 ‘Javier Fernández (OC).

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