Costa Rica ends participation in Tokyo 2020 with feelings that there is a hopeful future ahead

Costa Rica ends participation in Tokyo 2020 with feelings that there is a hopeful future ahead

The Ticos have a lot of youth ahead of them and could repeat in the jousts in Paris 2024

The delegation of Costa Rica in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics It may have been minuscule in size compared to other representations of countries with a greater tradition, but the Ticos proved to be giants in the different sports venues in which they competed.

12 athletes from this Central American nation were present at the Olympics, nine of them achieved the classification through the various routes and only three did so by invitation, which was extremely positive and suggested that the Ticos were going to be warriors in their specialty fields.

The representatives of Costa Rica They were not candidates to win medals, reality showed that they were going to have to fight through thick and thin but nothing stopped them from leaving the flag of their country on high.

Of the most redeemable were the presentations of Kenneth Tencio Y Hennessy Breeze. The two were in disciplines that premiered in the Olympic Games as are BMX Freestyle and surfing and they delivered a great presentation. In the case of the Carthaginian ‘rider’ he managed to finish in fourth place and by hundredths he could not get on the podium in the fight for the bronze medal, while Hennessy finished in fifth place after making a great presentation in round 1 and 3 , which earned him access to the quarterfinals where despite the effort he could not overcome Caroline Marks.

This performance and having been among the best eight in their sport earned them an Olympic diploma, which had not happened since 2008 when the taekwondo player Kristopher Moitland achieved it.

What do 11 of the 12 athletes who were at the Olympics this 2020 have in common? The answer to this is youth, only Andrey Amador made it clear that at 34 this will be their last participation, the rest still have a lot to give in their respective sports and if they decide to repeat a new cycle they have the ability to return and fight to climb one more step.

Tokyo 2020 was seen from another lens in Costa Rica, the followers of the sport were far from putting their athletes in a position of life or death where only the medal counts, all of them were recognized for their great effort and their courage for having reached such an important stage and many showed that they still have a lot more to give.

Andrea Vargas placeholder image arrived with expectation, the Pan American champion in Lima 2019 she earned the right to be considered one of the best in her specialty, the 100-meter hurdles, and by 0.03 hundredths she was about to enter the final and despite the fact that this could not be accomplished, she left the competition with her forehead very high and with the classification to the World Cup in Eugene, Oregon.

In addition, Noelia vargas, Andrea’s sister, had her debut in the Olympic Games With only 21 years old and he finished the 20 km of march in position number 21 as the fifth best in Latin America, still predicting a great future ahead.

The judoka Ian Ignacio Sancho achieved the first victory of a match in this sport for Costa Rica. He did it against the Albanian Indrit Cullhaj in an unobjectionable way and this allowed him to position himself among the nine best in the -66 kg category.

Leilani McGonagle He was very close to entering round three of the Olympic surfing but due to a tiebreaker his possibility was denied, although his effort was valued by the whole country.

What he did Luciana Alvarado, 18 years old, in artistic gymnastics will never be forgotten, never before had a Costa Rican been present in this sport in an Olympic fair and the national competitor was in charge of giving a performance that was not only of a very high level but also highlighted the make a gesture allusive to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement at the end of your routine.

Andrey Amador was the only Tico athlete truly considered a veteran, the Team INEOS rider met his third Olympic Games finishing in position 68 after a demanding 234 km route.

Besides, Beatríz Padrón improved his personal time in the 200-meter freestyle test and both Arnoldo Herrera (200 m chest), Maria Jose Vargas in road cycling and Neshy Lee Lindo in taekwondo they gave their all and although they were perhaps the least mentioned they have all the respect of their country for their commitment and dedication.

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