Cuban Julio La Cruz is proclaimed Olympic heavyweight champion

Cuban Julio La Cruz is proclaimed Olympic heavyweight champion

TOKYO – The Cuban Julio La Cruz defeated the Russian world champion on Thursday by unanimous vote Muslim Gadzhimagomedov and won the heavyweight gold medal at the Los Angeles boxing tournament. Tokyo Olympics.

The cross, light heavyweight monarch in Rio de Janeiro, convinced the judges with an escape boxing, sometimes dirty, in which he caught and threw few punches, but showed great waist speed against the desperate rival.

Gadzhimagomedov he hit some right hand hits, insufficient to win; the judges gave the three rounds to the Caribbean, winner by 30-27, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

“I am The cross, I am The cross“shouted the Cuban who is used to linking sports with politics and repeated the military salute with which, as he has told the media, he intends to honor the memory of Fidel Castro, the historical leader of the Cuban revolution.

It was a good day for Cuba who got the ticket to the lightweight final with the world champion Andy Cruz, who gave a classy boxing class and stepped over the Australian Harry garside in one of the most complete demonstrations of the championship so far.

With a clean technique, cross He imposed conditions with the 1-2, did damage with the upper and soon took advantage.

Fast, the Caribbean was also better in the short distance in the third round, in which he gave a protection account to Garside, who just danced without throwing blows.

In the final, the Caribbean will face the American world runner-up in a rematch fight Keyshawn Davis, who did everything to get him disqualified, but the referee forgave his wrestling grabs, one of them to the opponent’s leg and defeated the world medalist 3-2 Hovhannes Bachkov, of Armenia.

Davis he hit the best shots, but he fouled the fight and was only penalized one point, which allowed him to win.

In the middleweight semi-final of the women’s competition the British Lauren Price defeated the Dutch 3-2 Nouchka fontjn and will dispute the gold medal against the china Qian Li, 5-0 winner of the Russian Zenfira Magomedalieva.

Although he dominated, Price she was controversially penalized in the second round and needed to close better with good response shots from behind and punishment with her left hand.

In one of the most lackluster fights of the tournament, the Chinese Qian Li she hit the best and went ahead, after both fighters were reprimanded.

This Saturday, on the penultimate round, the finals of flyweight and welterweight for women and flyweight and medium for men will be played; in this last division the Brazilian Hebert Souza will discuss the title with the Ukrainian Oleksandr Khyshniak.

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