Don Gregorio celebrates with the historic Olympic medal of Marileidy Paulino

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Don Gregorio celebrates with the historic Olympic medal of Marileidy Paulino

The town from which the double Olympic medalist of the Dominican Republic is born took to the streets from early in the morning of Friday to celebrate her second medal in Tokyo 2020

Don Gregorio is a small town in the municipality of Nice, Province Peravia, which is located about 50 kilometers from the Dominican capital and whose notoriety is not a topic that is discussed every day.

Despite being this, it is a town that has generated several players to Big leagues and in the winter ball, among which stand out Ketel Mars of Arizona Diamondbacks and the member of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, Vladimir Guerrero.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have created a new star born in Nice, Marileidy paulino, the Dominican runner who achieved what no other athlete in the country had been able to do, win two medals in the same Olympic event. The Dominican reached the first medal as part of the team of 4×400 meter mixed relay and on the morning of this Friday, August 6, it became the first dominican woman in history to achieve a medal in an individual competition, also silver, in the 400 flat meters.

It is important to note that Nice It is a town that has less than 12 thousand inhabitants and whose economy is relatively small, based on agriculture. However, it has become the “center”From the country thanks to Marileidy paulino, who, facing all the challenges of being born without the privileges or comforts that other athletes and countries have, rubs shoulders with the best runners in the world and should be considered, at this time, as such.

From the early hours of the morning, dozens of neighbors of the mother of Marileidy paulino They appeared at her house to be able to watch the race with her and despite the meeting restrictions that exist as preventive measures of the COVID-19, it was impossible to contain the party, joy and pride that the town showed when Paulino came second in her career of 400 flat meters.

Nice is celebrating thanks to one of his daughters and seeing the streets of the neighborhood where he was born Marileidy paulino It is a breath of fresh air that fills those who see the photos and videos of the celebration with happiness. The hubbub reminds of the day when Vladimir Guerrero he was inducted into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

Nice is celebrating and deserves it, thanks to Marileidy paulino, the double Olympic medalist of the Dominican Republic.

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