Ecuador withdraws from Tokyo without a medal underway

Ecuador withdraws from Tokyo without a medal underway

Ecuador withdrew this Friday from the Tokyo Olympic Games without any medal underway, one of its best disciplines, despite participating with a full team and being Paola Pérez the one who obtained the best position with ninth place in the 20 kilometers.

There were nine Ecuadorian athletes who entered the Tokyo Games in progress, but none reached stellar positions that encouraged at least one Olympic certificate.

After Pérez’s ninth place, and Morejón’s retirement, Karla Jaramillo concluded her participation in 28th place in the 20 km.

The march was in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympic Games, with the legendary Jefferson Pérez, which gave Ecuador the historic first gold medal and twelve years later, the same athlete reached second place in the 2008 Beijing Games.

The medal expectations in Tokyo were reduced to zero this time, as Morejón’s injury and retirement left the responsibility on Paola Pérez, who suffered two cautions during the competition.

After the ninth place in the 20 kilometers of Pérez, in the same distance Bryan Daniel Pintado reached the goal in twelfth place, and Andrés Chocho in the 50 kilometers finished in 19th place.

Ecuador hit the bell in Tokyo with the gold medal in road cycling with Richard Carapaz who, in another outstanding performance, achieved the title of champion of the Giro d’Italia in 2019.

The second gold medal in Tokyo was won by weightlifter Neisi Dajomes, who became, at 23, the first Ecuadorian woman to reach an Olympic medal for her country.

The Andean country also obtained a silver in weightlifting from the hand of Tamara Salazar.

Dajomes’ younger sister, also in weightlifting, Angie Paola Palacios, ended up settling for sixth place and an Olympic diploma, as happened with the BMX rider, Alfredo Campo, who placed fifth.

After the performance of Luisa Valverde and Lucía Yépez in wrestling, Ecuador still has the option of contesting a bronze medal, one or two Olympic diplomas.

Ecuador attended the Tokyo Games with 47 athletes, the largest Ecuadorian delegation in the history of the Olympics.

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