El Loco Abreu and his opinion on the departure of Messi from Barcelona

El Loco Abreu and his opinion on the departure of Messi from Barcelona

Crazy Sebastián Abreu gave his opinion on Friday about the situation that Lionel Messi is going through at Barcelona and commented on what the future team of the Argentine footballer could be. The former player and current coach also spoke about FIFA’s decision to remove the four stars from the Uruguayan National Team shirt.

Hoping in the next few days to be able to make the already scheduled trip to Madrid to attend Atlético’s training sessions, visiting Cholo Simeone, Luis Suárez and Josema Giménez, Abreu told how his reaction was when he found out this Thursday that Messi stopped being ‘linked ‘with the Catalan club.

“More than reacting, I put myself in the player’s shoes, of what it is to interpret that sooner or later this was going to be solved, and that he was going to continue and fulfill the dream of ending his career at the club. And find you with a piece of news that you were not contemplating out there and the impact that it should generate on an emotional, family and sports level ”, reflected the Uruguayan.

And he added: “All the uncertainties that come to mind. ‘We have to go, where? The children, the school, the family. I couldn’t say goodbye on the court and I have to leave like this after so much, without having the chance to say goodbye on the playing field. ‘ More than anything I take him next to the footballer, next to the person, who at this moment must feel impotence and great sadness ”.

Regarding the future of the Argentine, Abreu explained that before what Barcelona said there may be two readings and commented that the first thing is that this whole situation of salary caps and complex economic situation in the Catalan club is real. But he also highlighted the fact that this situation has been expressed in this way, “making it understood that an agreement had been reached but that unfortunately they are not allowed.”

“Logically, La Liga loses a lot financially, that is not doubted, and it seems to me that under the table, off the record, they will try to do the impossible not to lose it; They already lost Cristiano Ronaldo, and now losing Messi will make them lose a lot more income. One interprets that the formula will be sought so that this can be solved ”, said the Fool.

What if a solution is not reached? “These types of players seek glory, and glory is where you can leave your mark on something that was never conquered, so Manchester City and PSG, who have never won the Champions League, are ideal places to go for eternal glory, so maximum in this final stage of the race. There he can also be in teams where there is some kind of affinity like Neymar at PSG and Guardiola at City. One would point out that those could be the teams, if all this real media movement of Barcelona is not solved ”, he valued.

Abreu also provided his point of view on the information confirmed this week that FIFA urged the sports company Puma to remove from the Uruguayan National Team shirt two of the four stars that appear on the Uruguayan Football Association shield ( AUF).

Considering himself a great defender of the history of Uruguayan football, El Loco commented that ‘this is not something of a person but rather of an entity’, and stressed that FIFA has already granted Uruguay that possibility of having four stars by having interpreted that the Olympic Games of 1924 and 1928 were world-wide, marking that the Celeste is four times champion of the world.

“You cannot erase with your elbow what was written with your hand, and it is simply to be able to review the books to corroborate that it was not a whim of Uruguay to want to get four stars, but that there was an authorization and recognition from FIFA” Abreu emphasized.

And he commented: “The only thing I did not understand is why other countries want to give their opinion. It’s Uruguay and FIFA; but others get in that like they need the stars to be taken out of us. If it is confirmed, we will be the country with the most titles with 19 (15 Americas Cups and 4 world championships), something that makes us very proud of the history that our team has ”.

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