Lange and Carranza confirmed that they separate as a duo after Tokyo 2020

Lange and Carranza confirmed that they separate as a duo after Tokyo 2020

The Argentine duo made up of Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza Sarioli fulfilled, in Tokyo 2020, their last presentation as a team, after arriving at the event as Olympic champions, after obtaining the gold medal of Rio de Janeiro 2016, and not being able to revalidate it at the end seventh in its class, the Nacra 17.

“As a team we were very honest and we don’t know many things about the future, but one thing is that we are not going to continue together. That’s why there is nothing to hide and I think it was easy to talk about it between the two of us, ”said Santiago Lange in dialogue with TyC Sports.

Lange and Carranza, who were the standard bearers at the opening ceremony and achieved an Olympic diploma in Tokyo 2020 in the Nacra 17 sailing class, also assured that “it is a tough time.”

“The whole team always feels a great responsibility to fulfill what we believe we have to fulfill. We interrupt the medals that our sport brought for so many Games (since Atlanta 1996) and we do not have to reproach ourselves because the dedication was absolute, but that responsibility It is, ”assured the Rosario.

“That feeling of asking for forgiveness, of not being able to fulfill what we wanted and we have absolute gratitude for all the support and affection of so many people. It is a hard moment and in which we have mixed feelings ”, he added.

The Argentine team culminated their presentation in Tokyo 2020 with the victory of the “medal race” that placed them in seventh place.

“We have many reasons to be very happy, that is why we do not have to hammer our heads,” said Lange.

“I didn’t want to go out in the water because I wasn’t fighting for a medal, but I knew it could be my last Olympic final. At my age, being in an Olympic final, I’m crazy if I’m not going to enjoy it, but one thing is logic and another what your heart tells you ”, he added with nostalgia and with that competitive character that leads him to continue in the elite of Olympic sport.

“Everyone knows the love I have for what I do, what I like high performance, I also know what it means. Personally, I am very clear about what is needed, and today I need a little time for my personal life. I’ll see later ”, he analyzed.

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