Let’s baptize August 6 as the day of Dominican athletics

Let's baptize August 6 as the day of Dominican athletics

The date has become the most successful for Dominican athletics, thanks to the number of medals that have been obtained during this day over the years.

Marileidy paulino she became the first Dominican athlete to win an individual Olympic competition medal in the history of the Caribbean country’s participation in that event. With only 24 years, the athlete is only the second Dominican with two medals of Olympic Games and the first to obtain its two medals in the same edition.

However, something curious and particular has occurred with the medal of Marileidy paulino, becoming the third Dominican athlete to achieve an Olympic medal on August 6.

The first to win an Olympic medal on this date was Felix Sanchez, during London 2012. The “Super Sanchez”Reached his second Olympic gold medal (and last of his career) competing with almost 35 years, during the August 6, 2012. As a curious note, during Panamerican Games of the year 2003, held in Santo Domingo, the Dominican sprinter managed to obtain the Pan-American gold medal, one day 6th August.

The second athlete to reach Olympic glory on a day like today was Luguelin Santos. Few minutes after Felix Sanchez will achieve a gold medal in the race of 400 meters hurdles in London 2012, Santos did the same and reached the Olympic silver in the category of Men’s 400 meter sprint, marking the first time a Dominican won a medal at the event.

Finally, in this August 6, 2021, Marileidy paulino achieved Olympic success with a silver medal in the Women’s 400 meter sprint, this being his second medal in Tokyo 2020.

This means that of the eleven olympic medals (counting the four that have been obtained so far in Tokyo 2020) that Dominican Republic has achieved in their participations, three have arrived thanks to athletics one day 6th August.

Felix Sanchez He echoed the date, sharing a message on social networks reminding him that on a day like today he achieved his second Olympic gold medal. Being the person who trains Marileidy paulino, there is no doubt that for him “Super Sanchez”August 6 will continue to be a special date and for Dominican Republic, it is a day for athletics.

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