Mexico’s ratings against Japan in Tokyo 2020

Mexico's ratings against Japan in Tokyo 2020

Guillermo Ochoa and Alexis Vega starred in obtaining Mexico’s bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Guillermo Ochoa and Alexis Vega reached 10 in the game against Japan, because the two players were key so that Mexico will take the bronze medal before the host.

Vega was one of the most outstanding players of the entire tournament, while Guillermo Ochoa rescued Mexico on more than one occasion.

Guillermo Ochoa – 10

The goalkeeper of America was the leader of the Mexican Olympic National Team on the way to the bronze medal, his saves prevented rivals like Japan from putting Mexico in trouble.

Jorge Sanchez – 9

The América winger returned to the starting lineup in the Bronze medal match, he had had a good performance, but was showcased in Japan’s goal.

Cesar Montes – 8

The Monterrey defender had a great performance throughout the tournament, he couldn’t avoid Japan’s goal.

Johan Vasquez – 9

The central defender of the Pumas is one of the most outstanding players of the tournament, he scored one of the three goals in the game for the bronze medal.

Jesus Angle – 8

The winger finished the tournament as a starter and the team from Japan could not hurt his side.

Luis Romo – 8

Contrary to other parties, Luis Romo looked less. He did the job of containing Japan’s midfield.

Carlos Rodriguez – 8

Charly Rodríguez returned to the starting position and tried to start the attack with his long passes from the midfield.

Sebastian Cordova – 9

The América midfielder scored a goal and was one of Mexico’s most dangerous players against Japan.

Diego Lainez – 8

The Betis player returned to the starting position and had flashes against Japan, but had to leave for change due to injury.

Henry Martin – 8

The Olympic reinforcement did its job to retain the ball in attack and put pressure on Japan from the start.

Alexis Vega – 10

Alexis Vega was the figure of Mexico in Tokyo 2020, the Chivas player finished the group stage as one of the best four players and scored in the match against Japan, for the bronze.


Uriel Antuna – 8

The Chivas attacker entered the field for the injured Diego Lainez, generated opportunities on offense and was a constant danger.

Fernando Beltran – 7

His appearance against Japan was just as low-key as his performance throughout the tournament.

Roberto Alvarado – 7

The Cruz Azul player was able to increase the score for Mexico, after a good play by Antua, but he did not finish in the best way.

Eduardo Aguirre – No evaluation

No time to evaluate.

Joaquín Esquivel – No evaluation

No time to evaluate.

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