Noelia Vargas gave herself to the fullest and gave a great presentation at the Olympic Games

Noelia Vargas gave herself to the fullest and gave a great presentation at the Olympic Games

The Puriscaleña had to fight against a great heat and humidity that put many competitors to suffer

The Costa Rican athlete Noelia vargas was the last representative of Costa Rica to go on stage in the Olympic Games in the 20km of march where she managed to give a great presentation, finishing 21st in the general classification, which also meant that she was the fifth best Latin American in competition.

The 21-year-old from Purisca made her jousting debut and did so in a very good way as she managed to maintain a good firm step towards her goal of seeking to finish near position 20. The high temperature of 31 degrees Celsius and high humidity of the More than 60% were practitioners, one more opponent against whom the Costa Rican had to fight and the rest of the more than 50 marchers who were in competition.

With constant hydration and refreshing her body, Noelia remained quite active, during the first 10 kilometers she remained in the main group and even after that she was in the top 15 of the classification.

When the medal contenders parted to go to the front and quickened their pace, Noelia vargas He was aware that this was not going to be a rhythm that he could resist, so he concentrated on his work, on remaining firm in what he had already agreed with his coach Dixiana Mena and always remained close to the middle of the classification

By the time she had traveled 12 km, Noelia was in position 14, 1:09 behind the leaders.

The tica did not stop, she was determined to continue, by the time she reached 16 km of travel and was close to the final stretch, she was in box 23 and was giving everything in order to stay or surpass any other athlete who was in front of her for few seconds.

Ahead of the classification was the Italian Antonella Palmisano who managed to finish in first place and win the gold medal with a time of 1h: 29: 12, in second place the Colombian finished Sandra Arenas with 1h: 29: 37 and in third place was the athlete from China, Liu Hong with 1h: 29: 57.

Noelia vargas she continued strong and managed to finish in 21st position with a total time of 1h: 35: 07, which also placed her as the fifth best Latin American in the event.

With this participation of Vargas, Costa Rica draw curtains on the Olympic Games from Tokyo where 12 athletes competed and raised the flag with great effort in their different sports.

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