Sweden vs. Canada – Match Report – August 6, 2021

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Sweden vs.  Canada - Match Report - August 6, 2021

EFE.- The Canadian team won the gold medal of the women’s tournament of the Tokyo Olympic Games by beating Sweden in the penalty series (2-3), after drawing one in regulation time, in an agonizing shoot-out in the one that they missed three maximum penalties in a row that made them close to losing, but Sweden’s Caroline Seger sent the fifth pitch high and changed the story.

From the beginning the aroma was palpable to the end. No team wanted to risk more than necessary, aware of what was at stake and it was the Scandinavian team that, as was usual during the rest of the tournament, took the initiative.

This movement of the ball was joined by the search for a shot on goal as soon as there was the slightest chance, ending with 10 shots during the first half. The first was already a warning. Jakobsson’s cross in the 9th minute that Eriksson, a left-back, hit first, joining the area, although his shot was deflected.

In a final you can’t make mistakes, and each team made one that made us go to penalties. It was paid first by Canada, who resisted the Swedish onslaught until Quinn trusted the ball out, losing it and leaving his defense out of place. Asllani put the ball to Blackstenius for his sixth goal of the tournament at m.34.

A blow from which the North American team did not seem to recover, until Sweden gave it an extra life. Ilestedt committed a penalty on Sinclair when trying to get ahead inside the area, but was late and, although Russian referee Anastasia Pustovoytova did not see it in the first instance, the video refereeing system (VAR) did its job and decreed the maximum penalty.

Fleming did his job and at m.66 he put a 1-1 that raised doubts in the Scandinavian team. He nearly lost the lead just two minutes later after a poor start by Lindahl, but Bjorn managed to get the ball out of the small box just before it slammed into goal.

And the tense calm returned, until at m.89 the previous situation was reversed. This time it was Sweden that in Asllani’s boots had the 2-1, but Buchanan averted the danger in time.

In overtime, both teams showed fatigue and fear of losing. But Sweden had in its hand to win in the last moments. First in a triple time taking advantage of several rejections and, above all, in a header from Hurtig at m.118 that did not manage to connect well despite being alone in the area.

The excitement that extra time lacked was the penalties. Sweden’s Asllani started by failing, but Canada did not take advantage of it and missed her second, third and fourth penalties. Against everything, Caroline Seger missed the opportunity to give Sweden their first Olympic gold, sending the fifth pitch high, in a turn of the tables.

The Scandinavians missed their fourth, fifth and sixth penalties, with two saves by Stephanie Labbe, and Juli Angela Grosso, in her 20s, scored the final and historic goal for Canada. The United States completes the podium of the Olympic Games obtaining the bronze medal.

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