The Lionesses and the silver medal in Tokyo 2020: “Let’s celebrate, this is worth gold for us”

The Lionesses and the silver medal in Tokyo 2020: "Let's celebrate, this is worth gold for us"

Argentina fell 3-1 to the Netherlands in the final of the Olympic Games and Las Leonas claimed the silver medal. Although the ambition for gold was a reality, the players of the selected team appreciated the great achievement achieved in Tokyo.

Stepping off the podium, Agustina Albertario was forceful: “We are going to celebrate, this for us is a gold medal for everything we did”. And he explained: “I think we made a great game, that we were superior to them, that they were a few minutes of deconcentration that cost us. I am very proud of the team, we are a great team with all the letters“.

The Lomas Athletic Club forward did not hide her sadness over the defeat, but praised the effort of the squad: “It is a medal that hurt, only we know what we did to be here, we put our lives aside and we were 100 percent committed to get to this. We are privileged to be here, do you know what it is like to be part of the less than 176 athletes who are here and have a medal? “

In the same line, Victoria Sauze He declared in dialogue with TyC Sports: “I don’t know if the result reflects what the match was. It was a long and very hard process, with many things that made us stumble and we got up between ourselves. That is why the medal is worth gold for us “.

For their part, the Granatto sisters shared the analysis that Argentina could have taken more. Majo analyzed: “We must begin to value this medal, an Olympic medal is not won every day … maybe we deserved more in the game, we wanted to take Argentina to the top … we tried and I think we did. we did well “. Vicky said: “The taste is bitter because we felt that we were more, but they made three corners and scored three goals. It took five minutes and they knew how to hit us. The team played very well and grew game by game”.

Agustina Gorzelany He also took stock and thanked the Argentine people for the words of affection: “My first Olympic game and to finish in this way is glory, after so much effort and such a long process. This medal is for the whole country, I hope we have given them joy at this difficult time. Support came “.

Another debutant in Tokyo was Valentina Raposo, the youngest of the Las Leonas squad. In this regard, the Salteña said: “I am super happy. We wanted the gold one, but I am very happy. Before the final in the siesta I began to fall and I was very excited. I can not believe everything that happened to me this year and finish this way is amazing … I am so grateful. “

The captain, Noel Barrionuevo also left her feelings at the end of the game: “A mixture of sensations. I am happy because we reached an Olympic final, but we also wanted to have the gold one. We always try to encourage ourselves, it was not given to us, we always go forward. The goals were lacking, they found them very quickly, to It was difficult for us to have penetrations and they took it from the short corner. They dislodged us, we did not expect that run they had, but we must value this medal, which is not little. We left everything, it did not reach but we are calm. ” Y He highlighted: “This medal cost us a lot. It is a final and we wanted to win it, but we have this medal for the country”.

To close, Poy Toccalino made a positive analysis and stressed that, despite the defeat, Argentina played a great role in the Olympic Games: “We gave our lives. We leave empty and that is the most important thing, we leave everything.”

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