Alumni beat ALMOST fairly and added its third consecutive victory

Alumni beat ALMOST fairly and added its third consecutive victory

Alumni beat CASI 27-23 and got their third win in as many URBA Top 12 submissions.

On a sunny afternoon, the venue started being the protagonist and left his rival without answers during the first half. The marker was opened by the hand of Alejo González Chávez at 6 minutes and then with the conversion of Tobías Wade the score was 7 to 0 for the local.

With the same intensity, Ezequiel Oliva Y Thomas Corneille they scored under the sticks for Alumni while Matías Roger discounted with two penalties for ALMOST. So they went to rest with the score at 22 to 6 in favor of those from Tortuguitas.

Already in the second half, the game changed and ALMOST found a better game. Based on many tackles and causing mistakes from the rival, Patricio O’Reilly’s team reached the try at the hand of Leo Mazzini to discount and be down 22 to 13. After two converted penalties came the play where those of San Isidro obtained a penalty try, which generated a yellow for Máximo Provenzano.

The last minutes were played near the ingoal of the Tortuguitas and with the CASI trying to take the victory, but the defense of the locals became strong and allowed them to get the third consecutive victory for Alumni and thus remain undefeated in the tournament.


ALUMNI (27): 1- Máximo Castrilo, 2- Tomás Bivort, 3- Ezequiel Oliva; 4-Tiziano Corvo Dolcet, 5- Santiago Alduncin; 6- Ignacio Milou, 7- Mariano Romanini, 8- Bautista Vassolo; 9- Tomás Passerotti, 10- Tobías Wade; 11- Segundo Gaviña, 12- Franco Battezzati, 13- Máximo Provenzano, 14- Tomás Corneille; 15- Alejo Gonzáles Chávez.

Changes: ST – 11 ‘Tobías Moyano by Tiziano Corvo Dolcet; 21 ‘Juan Anderson for Bautista Vassolo; 30 ‘Sebastián Sosa by Ezequiel Oliva; 37 ‘Rafael Desanto by Máximo Provenzano.

Trainers: Santiago Van Der Ghote and Nahuel Neyra.

ALMOST (23): 1- Martín Brousson, 2- Bautista Bernasconi, 3- Ignacio Nieto Sanchez; 4- Agustín Posleman, 5- Leo Mazzini; 6- Luis Briatore, 7- Eugenio Sartori, 8- Vicente Boronat; 9- Luca Canzani, 10- Gerónimo Prisciantelli; 11- Nicolás Cotella, 12- Martín Roger Farías, 13- Matías Phelan, 14- Tomás Descalzo; 15- Juan Franco Akemeier.

Changes: ST – 5 ‘Facundo Scaiano and Juan Ymaz by Martín Brousson and Luis Briatore; 14 ‘Thomas de Almeida by Agustín Posleman.

Coach: Patricio O’Reilly.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 6 ‘Try by Alejo Gonzáles Chávez converted by Tobías Wade (A); 14 ‘Penalty by Tobías Wade (A); 17 ‘Penalty by Martín Roger (C); 21 ‘by Ezequiel Oliva converted by Tobías Wade (A); 27 ‘Penalty by Martín Roger (C); 39 ‘Try by Tomás Corneille (A).

Partial result: Alumni 22-6 ALMOST

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 14 ‘Try by Leo Mazzini converted by Martín Roger Farias (C); 17 ‘Penalty by Martín Roger Farías (C); 22 ‘Try by Tobías Moyano (A); 30 ‘Try penalty (C).

Final score: Alumni 27-23 ALMOST

ADMONISHED: ST: 26 ‘Máximo Provenzano (A).

REFEREE: Pablo Deluca.


See the full game:

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