Aníbal and Ryota, the ‘Mexicans’ who helped the Tri Olympic to win bronze in Tokyo 2020

Aníbal and Ryota, the 'Mexicans' who helped the Tri Olympic to win bronze in Tokyo 2020

We present the story of Jaime Lozano’s assistants, who were key to obtaining bronze in Tokyo 2020

The Mexican Olympic Team directed by Jaime Lozano has two collaborators who were not born in Mexico, but who were clear participants in obtaining the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020; from their trench they put their two cents in the successful Tricolor process as part of the coaching staff.

One is the Spanish physical trainer Aníbal González Anca, pride of Llanes, city of Asturias, and another is the Japanese Ryota Nishimura, Jaime Lozano’s assistant and who is married to a Mexican citizen. Both distinguished themselves in the celebration, at the end of the match for third place against Japan, although Ryota’s effusiveness stole the camera, doing it every time the team scored.

Ryoya became friends with Jaime Lozano, when the two met at the National School for Technical Directors (ENDIT). He worked in clubs like Santos and Tampico Madero and came to Querétaro invited by Jimmy.

Aníbal González Anca, born in La Pereda 32 years ago, has been working with El Tri for two and a half years and without hesitation, points out to the Spanish newspaper El Comercio that “accepting the job in Mexico was the best decision I could make in my life, because from there many doors were opened and thanks to that I can now enjoy the Olympic Games ”.

Aníbal González said that “above any material medal, the most beautiful and important thing is the family that has been formed on and off the field”And he adds that it is precisely that connection that exists in the group that he will never forget and will remain in it his whole life.

Before going to Mexico, Aníbal González worked in Japan, at Tokushima Vortis, directed by Ricardo Rodríguez from Oviedo, and he recalled in El Comercio that “the experience was very good, but the National Team is another dimension, since you represent millions of people. I am still young, but I already know quite a few places and countries. That gives you a lot of tables. You learn a lot both professionally and personally ”.

He is clear that it is not easy to integrate a national team, since “there are many people behind, a lot of work, a lot of union and, above all, a lot of commitment to lead Mexico to success” and commented that “the fans wanted gold. It has already been achieved once (London 2012) and this generation is very good. We had real options of being able to be champions ”, he assured

On the other hand, he indicated that Mexico is his adopted country, which he loves madly; but it also speaks of his roots and his condition as a llanisco. He says that in his council he was already received by the authorities who gave him recognition for his international career and for bearing the name of Asturias and Llanes throughout the world.

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