Best Latin American! Charles Fernández finishes in 27th place in the Olympic pentathlon

Best Latin American!  Charles Fernández finishes in 27th place in the Olympic pentathlon

The national pentathlete added a total of 1,346 points to cross the finish line as the best exponent of Latin America in the Olympic pentathlon

TOKYO, JAPAN – The Tokyo 2020 Olympics they start to lower the curtain and Charles Fernandez he was the last Guatemalan to compete in the men’s individual event of the modern pentathlon. Competition that finished in 27th place in the general classification that places it as the Best Latin American of the event during his second Olympic appointment (Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2020) representing Guatemala.

A total of 1,346 points were scored by the 25-year-old Guatemalan pentathlete during the swimming (314), fencing (179), equestrian (219) and laser run (634) events.. The complication of the competition was presented in equestrian, when he suffered a fall from the Fluoriet horse that generated a strong penalty, receiving the lowest rating.

His best two presentations were in the swimming with the 200 meters freestyle, winning his elimination heat and finishing in the Top 8 of the general classification. While in closing with the laser run, Charles Fernandez it was positioned in the tenth position of the event, which allowed it to recover positions and finish its presentation in 27th place.


The two-time Pan-American champion first completed the 200-meter free swimming test in the Tokyo Stadium pool, specifically adapted for the modern pentathlon. With a time of 1: 58.16, Charles Fernández won the fifth elimination heat and added 314 points to place himself in the eighth box of the general classification of the event.

The test was won by American Amro Elgeziry with a time of 1: 52.96, obtaining the Olympic record. Second place went to James Cooke from Great Britain with a record of 1: 53.80 and third place went to fellow Briton Joseph Choog with a time of 1: 54.87.


In the fencing bonus, the Guatemalan pentathlete faced the Japanese Shonel Iwamoto winning his match and adding an extra point in the general classification to reach 493 units. Pavel Ilyashenko of Kazakhstan was immediately measured, losing the second game.


In the early morning hours, Charles Fernandez He appeared on stage in the equestrian event with the horse Fluoriet. He began his presentation overcoming the first obstacles, however, during the round of jumps, he suffered a fall that cost him a penalty of 57 points for time. He managed to recover from the fall and continued with the competition, managing to complete the test with an extra penalty of 24 points in the obstacles.

In this way, the Guatemalan pentathlete finished the riding with 219 points out of the 300 awarded by the event, due to the penalty of 81 points. After the test, Charles Fernández accumulated a total of 712 points in the general classification.

Laser run

The last test disputed was the laser run, where the Guatemalan achieved an outstanding performance by placing himself in the Top 10 of the test with 634 points with a total time of 11: 07.43, divided into 42.87 shooting and 10: 23.69 running. Score that allows you to position yourself above the athletes of Mexico, Argentina and Chile in the general classification.

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