Charles Fernández: “It is difficult to explain what happened; the horsemanship was my fault”

Charles Fernández: "It is difficult to explain what happened; the horsemanship was my fault"

The Guatemalan reflected on his participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

TOKYO JAPAN — Charles Fernandez, 25, was self-critical and optimistic after finishing 27th on the modern pentathlon of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It was his second presentation in the summer jousts, after having debuted in Rio 2016.

A fall in the equestrian event marked his participation and a bad start in fencing marked his participation. The most important: He was able to recover to be top-10 in swimming and top-10 in running and shooting, although that is not reflected in the overall result.

“It is difficult to try to explain what happened, it is difficult to explain why things happened, how they happened. I gave my all in training, blood, tears, effort, sacrifice”Said the Guatemalan from the Tokyo Stadium.

“Best of all, I was able to show it, it’s not just that I did poorly at fencing and dragged my feet in the rest of the competition, no, I showed what I worked for. I was top-10 in the world in shooting and running and top-10 in swimming, you can’t achieve that in the Olympics if you don’t do the job, ”said Fernández.

About his downfall, Charles was sincere. “The riding was my fault and I apologize to the riding world for that mistake I made. I just thank God that the horse is okay, I thank God that I’m okay, I was able to stop and finish that track. That shows that I am always going to get up, no matter what happens in my life, outside or within the sport ”.

“I can only say that I am very grateful for experiencing the Olympic Games as I did, I know that they were not the expectations that the country had, but I can say that I had a great time, I spent with joy, a lot of effort and with my head held high. , I finished well and I can say that I fulfilled the promise to leave everything to myself, I gave everything for my country and nothing matters more to me “, concluded Charles Fernández.

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