CRESO: The great ally of Dominican sport in the most successful Olympic cycle

CRESO: The great ally of Dominican sport in the most successful Olympic cycle

Creating Olympic Dreams became the subject and predicate of “Behind a great result there is a great effort and work.”

After a historic Olympic Games for the Dominican Republic, it is necessary to note the work of the body who for almost 5 years has given the hand to the athletes from Barranquilla 2018 to date in Tokyo 2020, held in 2021.

CROESUS He came to the Dominican sport in 2009 to be that leg that gave the Olympic sport the support to reach the Olympic Games and bring with it the glory that Pedro Julio Nolasco, Félix Sánchez, Gabriel Mercedes and Félix Díaz gave to the country. Since then, successes have not stopped coming for the sport of the Caribbean island.

Among all the achievements, the section that paid off began in the Bolivarian Games of Santa Marta 2017, where 45 of the 68 medals were achieved by “CRESO Athletes”.

The story continued in Barranquilla 2018, where the Dominican Republic reached a historical record of 107 medals, where 95 were from athletes from that program. In those games, the legendary tennis player Victor Star brought the Dominican Republic three gold medals.

The impact of CRESO continued in the Lima 2019 Pan American Games where the Dominican Republic was seeking redemption after a participation in Toronto 2015 where they only reached 24 medals, of which only 3 were gold. In Lima 2019, the Dominican Republic surprised the world with 40 medals of which 37 were from CRESO athletes. In these games, Maria Dimitrova was the main medalist by winning Gold in Kata for teams and Silver in individual.

Tokyo 2020 will be the biggest games in the Dominican Republic. After an extra year of preparation, the Dominican Republic reached history with 5 medals, doubling and “one more chin” the performances of Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Of the 5 medals, 4 were from the CRESO athletes, where Marileidy Paulino stood out. , the first double medalist in the same Olympic games for the Dominican Republic.

Without a doubt, CRESO made the Dominican Republic dream of Olympic glory and CRESO himself was in charge of making it a reality.

What did you say Luisin Mejia, former president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, at the 2019 Olympic gala: “CRESO, CRESO, CRESO DE MI CORAZÓN” Dominicans appreciate the effort for their athletes.

Note from Fernando Sena

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