Drop! Charles Fernández did not have a good time in equestrianism and received a heavy penalty

Drop!  Charles Fernández did not have a good time in equestrianism and received a heavy penalty

The Guatemalan pentathlete received a penalty of 81 points in the equestrian event due to the fall he suffered

TOKYO, JAPAN – The Guatemalan Charles Fernandez had problems in his equestrian presentation corresponding to the modern pentathlon of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, suffering a fall from the horse, which meant a penalty of 81 points, losing valuable positions in the event classification and the final list of the competition.

The Tokyo Stadium was the stage where the test took place. The horse assigned to Charles Fernandez it was Fluoriet. The competition had started in a positive way for the only Central American pentathlete, however, when he reached obstacle number 7, he suffered an unexpected fall, which cost him a penalty for loss of time.

When falling to the grass, Charles Fernandez He managed to control the horse and after standing up, he showed his concern, so he immediately stroked the horse so that it calmed down and could continue with the competition. When riding back to Fluoriet, Charles Fernandez he continued with the competition and finished the test.

According to the official report of the Olympic Games, Charles Fernandez received a total of 81 penalty points. 24 were the obstacles knocked down and 57 due to the loss of time in their fall. Thus, the Guatemalan pentathlete added 219 points out of the 300 possible awarded by the event.

Charles Fernandez He was not the only rider who had problems with his horse. The athletes Álvaro Sandoval and Dulio Carrillo from Mexico; as well as the Cuban Lester Ders and the Chilean Esteban Bustos, were eliminated from the test without scoring points due to the complications they suffered in their presentations with the horses.

At the end of the equestrian event, Charles Fernandez it culminated in 32nd place with 219 points added, being one of the lowest scores in the competition.

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