Facundo Conte: “It is a historic day”

Facundo Conte: "It is a historic day"

TOKYO – Facundo Conte, player of the Argentine volleyball team who achieved the Olympic bronze by defeating Brazil (3-2), He assured that it was “a historic day” and that they “really” deserved this success.

Conte, whose father, Hugo Conte, won the bronze in Seoul’88, when the albiceleste also beat Brazil, said he felt “very happy and very proud”.

“I grew up in a home with an Olympic medal hanging on the wall and I actually touched it before coming to these Olympics to bring luck. And we have improved on previous results. We have reached a goal that no one could hope for. We have fought hard for this victory, and that’s the only thing that matters, “he said.

“This comparison with my father is for the media. I don’t care that my father won. I care that we did it, and this is the most important thing I have achieved in my sporting life and what we have achieved as a team.” , he asserted.

Conte also sent a message to the leaders of his country: “We have worked a lot, we have trained a lot without the real support of our federation. We have gone through very difficult times as players, so for that I am even more proud. of this achievement. It is our victory. It is ours. I hope that Argentine volleyball (the federation) will use this victory to grow and that young people, like us, who have been training in the clubs, can go further. “

The coach, Marcelo Méndez, declared that “after years of sacrifice and training, these players reached this incredible achievement. They set out to reach this goal years ago and this is the best reward. They had a very difficult match against Brazil. They fought for it since then. the beginning to the end “.

“Our team really deserves this medal. It is a bronze, but for us it is a gold,” said Méndez, who insisted that the win is “extremely important.”

“To be honest, we came here to win a medal, regardless of whether it was against Brazil or not. We know Brazil, we know how strong it is, but we were the ones who played the best this time and we were the ones who won,” he explained.

“Our strategy was well defined from the beginning. But the important thing is the performance of the players. They gave the best of themselves. They worked aggressively. They attacked with force, as if each point was the last of the game. I think that’s the point. The only way to achieve victory against a high-level team like Brazil, like the United States, like Italy: you have to play each point as if it were your last, “he said.

“I hope that this medal is a sample for Argentine sports so that we invest in our country, in youth, in sports – and of course, this is an achievement and it is a medal that we embrace – but we have to look to the future and think in our sport, volleyball. How can we use this victory to improve our future, the future of our sport. I hope our sport leaders realize how important this is, “he added.

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