Newman beat Regatas 42-20 and continues at a steady pace in the URBA Top 12

Newman beat Regatas 42-20 and continues at a steady pace in the URBA Top 12

Newman took a very important victory against Regatas to settle among the first positions of the URBA Top 12. It was 42-20 in a game that despite the great difference in points, always remained even.

Although the venue was the one that arrived better stopped for this meeting corresponding to the third date, it was precisely Regatas who managed to open the scoring. The visitor barely took two minutes to score through a great try by Felipe Camerlinckx. Newman’s response was just as swift through Marcos Zirolli, who entered at the last minute for Francisco Montoya.

The match maintained that intense rhythm until the end of the first half, with another conquest on the side: Francisco Pisani Caride in Regattas and Marcelo brandi in Newman. Despite having lost control of the game a bit, it was Regatas who went up at halftime with the penalty of Juan Otsubo, that put the partial 17-14.

The complement looked like it would maintain the same pattern, especially after Otsubo converted a penalty again and stretched the lead to six. But nevertheless, Newman’s bank altered the situation. The good attack of the forwards forced a penalty try in favor of Benavídez’s team and earned him the yellow card for Santiago Camerlinckx.

Already into the last 20 minutes of the match, two tries of Agustin Gosio, who added his third double in three matches in the tournament, and conquers it at the last minute of Gonzalo Gutierrez Taboada definitively sentenced the result. It was 42-20 for Newman, who in the first three games of this URBA Top 12 scored more than 30 points.


Newman (42): 1. Alberto Porolli, 2. Marcelo Brandi, 3. Luciano Borio; 4. Jerónimo Ureta, 5. Tomás Ureta; 6. Mateo Montoya, 7. Miguel Urtubey (C), 8. Joaquín de la Vega; 9. Lucas Marguery, 10. Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada; 11. Agustín Gosio, 12. Tomás Keena, 13. Juan Billote, 14. Marcos Zirolli; 15. Juan Daireux.

Changes: ST – 4 ‘Miguel Ángel Prince by Alberto Porolli and Alejandro Urtuber by Mateo Montoya, 20’ Francisco Ulloa by Juan Daireux and Félix Branca by Lucas Marguery, 31 ‘Mateo D’elia by Agustín Gosio, 35’ Rodrigo Pueyrredon by Marcelo Brandi.

Regattas (20): 1. Nahuel Sabia, 2. Pedro Garcia Colinas, 3. Beltrán Landívar; 4. Nicolás Juárez Bosch, 5. Marcelo Toledo; 6. Lucas Barrera, 7.Santiago Camerlinckx, 8. Felipe Camerlinckx; 9. Marcos Joseph, 10. Juan Otsubo; 11. Enrique Camerlinckx, 12. Juan Corso, 13. Alejo Barrera, 14. Francisco Pisani Caride; 15. Juan Cruz Camerlinckx (C).

Changes: ST – 8 ‘Ramón Casté by Nahuel Saba, 22’ José del Barro by Juan Cruz Camerlinckx, 24 ‘Tomás Sanguinetti by Nicolás Juárez Bosch.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2´ Try by Felipe Camerlinckx and conversion by Juan Otsubo (R), 5´ Try by Marcos Zirolli and conversion by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N), 10´ Try Francisco Pisani Caride and conversion by Juan Otsubo (R), 19´ Try by Marcelo Brandi and conversion of Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N), 40´ Penalty by Juan Otsubo (R).

Partial Result: Newman 14-17 Regattas-

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 51´ Penalty by Juan Otsubo (R), 55´ Penalty Try for Newman, 61´ Try Agustín Gosio and conversion by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N), 71´ Try Agustín Gosio and conversion by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N), Try and conversion by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N).

Final score: Newman 42-20 Regattas.

INCIDENTS: 53´ Yellow for Santiago Camerlinckx (R).


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