The Lovells, an Argentine boxing family with Olympic medals and film performances

Los hermanos Lovell, una familia argentina de boxeo con medallas olímpicas y actuaciones en cine

The Lovell, of names Alberto, Guillermo Y Santiago, They were an Argentine family for the study, sports successes, medals in the Olympic Games, and even iconic appearances in the cinema.

In LEFT PUNCH, we will review the plausible conquests of Alberto Santiago, William, Santiago Alberto Y Pedro Lovell, stars in and out of the ring.

Alberto Santiago, the patriarch of the Lovell

Alberto Santiago Lovell he was the one who started the tradition with fists between the brothers. He was born in Dock Sud, Buenos Aires, on April 23, 1912. He trained as a boxer in Boca Juniors.

As a major achievement, this Buenos Aires athlete won the gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1932, when he was 20 years old.

Of good bearing and with plenty of power, Alberto lovell served as a heavyweight boxer. Technical and powerful, he made history in amateurism.

After turning professional, he retired after losing by knockout to the historic Archie moore, in the emblematic Luna Park. He added 76 wins, 55 on the fast track, eight setbacks and three parities.

Alberto pose for The graphic.

He died on March 17, 1966, in his native country. It had young, but poor, 53 years old.

Guillermo, the second Olympic medal for the Lovells

William Lovell, brother of Alberto SantiagoHe was also born in the Buenos Aires town of Dock Sud, but on January 14, 1918.

With a style similar to Alberto’s, with worse speed, he managed to take second place in the 1936 Olympic Games, with a place in Berlin. The store Herbert Runge he kept the gold one.

Backwards, William Lovell in Munich.

With intermittences and inconveniences, William failed to settle into professionalism, where he only won two of his contests and lost the rest, all before the limit.

Many say that his image was overshadowed by that of his older brother. He died on October 25, 1967 in Argentina, with only 49 years of age.

Santiago Alberto Lovell, rival of the popular Ringo Bonavena

Santiago Alberto Lovell he also dedicated his existence to the art of fists, as did his father Alberto, his uncle Guillermo and his brother Pedro.

He had a rivalry with Oscar Natalio Bonavena. Both met twice for the Argentine heavyweight title, all won by Ringo.

As the prestigious journalist told Ernesto Cherquis bialo in Comedy does not stain, the first of the lawsuits began low of expectations between the public and the press. Bonavena He managed to manage to attract everyone’s attention.

“I shit my hand, I shit my hand!” Shouted the one from Parque Patricios through the corridors of the Luna Park gym. A crowd of reporters ran, following the resounding screams.

When the sympathetic boxer came out of the locker room and greeted the crowd, reporters were desperate to ask him which fist had been injured and how bad the injury was.

“There is no injury. I did not say that I hurt my hand, I said that I screwed up, “he explained between smiles. Oscar Bonavena. The chroniclers, astonished, did nothing more than ask him how and when he had “screwed up” his hand.

“Heh, when I went to the bathroom and there was no toilet paper,” he joked Ringo to those present, who burst into laughter and gave the necessary media movement to the duel, to make it a success in sales.

Pedro Lovell, boxer, movie star and semi-professional footballer from Independiente

Pedro Osvaldo Lovell He was born in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, on June 9, 1945, and he did not waste a second of his 76 years of life.

As strange as it sounds Pedro Lovell played Spider Rico in two of the mythical films of the saga of Rocky Balboa.

Pedro Lovell, the Argentine who acted in Rocky, fought with Ken Norton and played in Independiente reserves
Pedro Lovell next to Sylvester Stallone, in Rocky I.

In addition, he played semi-professional football with the great legends of the Independent Athletic Club, one of the five greats of Argentine soccer.

Ricardo Elbio Pavoni, one of the greatest idols of Independent, coincided with Lovell on the team and remembers it with sympathy.

Pedrito he’s a good-natured guy in the dressing room, “he described Ricardo Pavoni in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “There were many players who deserved everyone’s respect, a series of guys who managed the whole group. He and I were the new ones. Don’t worry, we didn’t have an opinion or talk much ”.

Pedro He also served as a professional boxer and even fought with Ken Norton. He accumulated in his record 18 victories, 14 by knockout, three defeats and two draws.

Although he provided great shows, his career was hampered by injuries and prostate problems. He did not manage to last in time, at least as a fighter.

With talent and sympathy, although with a very low media profile, this multifaceted Argentine captured a part of the public, who remained faithful to him even in his last activity.

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