URBA First A: Los Matreros beat San Albano 40-17

URBA First A: Los Matreros beat San Albano 40-17

For the second date of the URBA Primera A tournament, Los Matreros defeated San Albano 40-17 with a lot of play and great rugby.

On an atypical winter afternoon, the Morón team showed character over the visit shortly after the match began. Despite the great performance of the opening of San Albano, Ignacio Gastaldi, the locals deservedly took their second consecutive victory in this start of the First A tournament.

As soon as the match started, Burzaco’s men opened the scoring thanks to a penalty kicked by Gastaldi. Later, Los Matreros began to play a very good game with their backs, particularly wing Matteo Graziano and opening Juan Morales, due to their evasion characteristics, passes over the mark and foot play; skills that were decisive for the tries of Santiago Morales and Juan Manuel García.

The forwards were not far behind and scored two tries through Agustín Costa Repeto and Germán Darriba. With less than 10 minutes to go to the end of the first half, the visiting team made a very good collective movement and violated Los Matreros’ ingoal through the eighth, Daniel Bravo. Thus, the locals left at halftime 26 to 10.

Shortly after starting the complement; the homeowner billed again through German Darriba. After the conversion of Gonzáles, the visit took the initiative and scored an interception try from Ignacio Gastaldi converted by himself. Los Matreros did not slow down and ended up keeping the points thanks to 40-17.


THE MATREROS (40): 1-Nodar Gonzalo, 2- Costa Repeto Agustín, 3- Charlon Mariano; 4-Marmorale Giuliano, 5-Gaham Tomás; 6-Martinoglio Tomás, 7- Darriba Germán, 8-García Alejo; 9- Amorisa Marcos, 10- Morales Juan; 11- García Juan Manuel, 12- Pérez Alvaro, 13- Cadelago Gastón ©, 14- Matteo Graziano; 15- Marelli Santiago.

SAN ALBANO (17): 1-Peroncello Facundo, 2- Losada Kevin, 3- Julián Visser; 4-Federici Xavier, 5-Balmaceda Osvaldo David; 6- Bordacahar Juan Pablo, 7- Álvarez Alejandro Ignacio, 8- Bravo Juárez Jorge Daniel; 9- Bravo, Bruno Alejandro, 10- Ignacio Gastaldi; 11- Mac Gaw Tomás, 12-Costa Gonzalo, 13- Vidal Germán Alexis, 14- Querel Juan; 15- Severina Ramos Lautaro.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8 ‘penalty by Ignacio Gastaldi (SA), 9’ try by Santiago Marelli converted by Juan Morales (LM), ’23 try by Juan Manuel García (LM), 26 ‘try by maul by Agustín Costa Repeto converted by Juan Morales (LM ), 32 ‘try by Juan Pablo Bordacahar converted by Juan Morales (LM), 34’ try by Daniel Bravo converted by Ignacio Gastaldi.

Partial result: Los Matreros 26-10 San Albano

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 44 ‘try by Juan Pablo Bordacahar converted by Juan Morales (LM), 47’ try by Ignacio Gastaldi converted by himself.

Final score: Los Matreros 40-17 San Albano

WARNED: PT: 30 ‘Bravo (SA)

See the full game:

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