URBA Top 12: CUBA defeated Buenos Aires 24-15

URBA Top 12: CUBA defeated Buenos Aires 24-15

CUBA won in a very close match to BACRC by 24-15 and ranked fourth in the URBA Top 12, just two points behind the Hindu leader. After a very close first half, the locals managed to break the rival defense and open the way to victory.

CUBA reaped its third win in a row and he showed that he is a clear candidate to fight at the top. After not playing against ALMOST, due to the cases of COVID-19 in the whole of San Isidro, those of Villa de Mayo became strong maintaining the undefeated of the locality. In a very fought first half, that Buenos Aires trusted and clung a lot to a great defense, the locals managed to get a victory in a game that had started them adversely.

At 30 minutes and after a scrum in 22 meters and 5 phases of play, Buenos Aires managed to support the side of the flag through the wing Tomás Acosta Pimentel. Both teams showed a game based on the backs, which could not be clearly translated by several errors from both. However, in the last play of the first stage, the locals reached the tie after a criminal try.

In the complement CUBA managed to explode with the backs. At 10 minutes came the try of Francisco Patrono. The visit showed a great response and just 4 minutes later, the pillar Blas Coria, supported the ball in the rival ingoal, after an excellent collective movement. After a great play as a CUBA team at 36 minutes, the pillar Estanislao Carullo supported a new try to put final figures to the meeting.


CUBA (24): 1- Joaquín Aleman, 2- Enrique Devoto, 3- Estanislao Carullo; 4- Santiago Uriarte, 20- Lucas Piña; 6- Lucas Maguire, 7- Segundo Pisani ©, 8- Benito Ortiz de Rosas; 9- Rafael Iriarte, 10- Rodrigo Ávalos; 11- Benjamin Gutierrez; 12- Francisco Patrono, 13- Felipe De La Vega; 14- Agustin Migliore; 15- Mark Moroni.

Changes: ET: Jerónimo Conte Grand by Lucas Piña. ST: 10 ‘Agustin Elias by Joaquin Aleman, 26’ Pedro Mastroizzi by Lucas Maguire, 38 ‘Juan Pedro Garoby by Enrique Devoto.

Trainers: Tomas Coppola, Agustin Benedicto and Federico Sala.

BACRC (15): 1- Facundo Cambiasso, 2- Tomas Rosasco, 3- Iñaki Iguiñiz; 4- Julian Pomerantz, 5- Franco Baldoni; 6- Francisco Ibarra, 7- Ignacio Almasqué, 8- Jordi Dieguez; 9- Joaquin Pellandini, 10- Federico Lamensa; 11- Tomas Acosta Pimentel; 12- Agustin Lamensa, 13- Ramiro Costa; 14- Alfonso Latorre; 15- Agustin Peirano ©.

Changes: PT: 27 ‘Tomás Forner by Francisco Ibarra ST: 8’ Tomás Álvarez Bayon by Iñaki Iguiñiz and Alejo Novo by Jordi Dieguez, 20 ‘Blas Coria by Facundo Cambiasso, Enzo Materazzi by Tomás Rosasco and Juan Bautista Picca by Julián Pomerantz, 22’ Manuel Traverso by Francisco Lamensa and Tomás Ruiz by Alfonso Latorre.

Trainers: Gonzalo Camacho and Nicolas De Gregori.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 30 ‘try by Tomás Acosta Pimentel converted by Agustín Peirano (B), penalty try (C).

Partial result: 7-7

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 10 ‘try Francisco Patrono converted by Benjamin Gutierrez (C), 14’ try Blas Coria (B), 19 ‘penalty Benjamin Gutierrez (C), 26’ penalty Agustin Peirano (B), 36 ‘try Estanislao Carullo converted by Benjamin Gutierrez ( C).

Final score: 24-15.

Admonished: PT: 39 ‘yellow Franco Baldoni (B). ST: 12 ‘yellow Rafael Iriarte (C), 35’ yellow Agustin Peirano (B).

Referee: Ignacio Cicarelli

Basketball court: CUBA

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