URBA Top 12: Hindu scored a solid 62-22 win over Belgrano

URBA Top 12: Hindu scored a solid 62-22 win over Belgrano

Hindú went from less to more and managed to win the match 62-22 against Belgrano for the third date of the URBA Top 12.

With all the protocols in place and without an audience, the match began with an even score since in the first 30 minutes, the actions were only altered with a try from Lautaro Bavaro for Don Torcuato’s team. For its part, the visit responded quickly and with two actions of deep attacks came the two conquests of Martin Arana which put the visitor up on the scoreboard.

The emotions of the first half did not end there. A penal try for the locals and the conquests of Agustin Capurro Y Nicolas D’amorim they left the partial result 28 to 17 at halftime.

In addition, Hindú took full advantage of his rival’s warnings and was able to get a good difference that allowed him to play with ease. The tries of Juan Martinez Sosa Y Warbringer Agulla at the start of the second half they began to set the course for an afternoon that would end with a comfortable win for the locals.

The match continued with a strong and disciplined team that found their spaces to try with the hand of Leiva, Capurro, Rodriguez and Lucas Pulido.

For his part, Belgrano scored on the end by Agustin Rocca to close the 62-22.


HINDU (62): 1- Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa, 2- Agustín Capurro, 3- Nicolás Leiva; 4 Carlos Repetto, 5- Federico Lavanini; 6- Nicolás D’amorim, 7- Nicolás Amaya, 8- Lautaro Bavaro; 9- Lucas Camacho, 10- Santiago Fernández; 11- Federico Graglia, 12- Joaquín de la Vega, 13- Martín Cancelliere, 14- Lisandro Rodríguez; 15- Belisario Agulla.

Changes: ST: 26 ‘Augusto Bavaro by Nicolás Repetto, Torcuato Pulido by Lucas Camacho and Franco Diviesti by Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa, 29’ Francisco Mateu by Belisario Agulla and Juan Comolli by Nicolás Amaya 33 ‘Bautista Farise by Santiago Fernández, 35’ Benjamín Silveyra by Agustín Capurro and Leonardo Pesente by Nicolás Leiva.

Trainers: Francisco Fernández Miranda, Hernán Senillosa and Juan Gauthier.

BELGRANO (22): 1- Francisco Ferronato, 2- Ignacio Favre, 3- Facundo Ferreti; 4- Adolfo Martínez, 5- Julián Rebussone; 6- Joaquín de la Serna, 7- Augusto Vaccarino, 8- Agustín Rocca; 9- Juan Cruz Rodríguez Herrera, 10- Tomás Rosati, 11- Santiago Carroll, 12- Juan Brescia, 13- Tomas Teglia, 14- Tobías Bernabé; 15- Martin Arana.

Changes: ST: 15 ‘Ignacio Marino by Juan Cruz Rodríguez Herrera, 18’ Juan Martín Pennesi by Santiago Carroll and Andrés Bianco by Facundo Ferreti, 26 ‘Santino Ruzzante by Juan Brescia, 29’ Joaquín Moro by Julián Rebussone.

Trainers: Guillermo Tramezzani, Diego Gradín, Luis Gradín and Francisco Gradín.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 6 ‘Try by Lautaro Bavaro converted by Santiago Fernández (H), 8’ and 17 ‘Try by Martín Arana converted by Tomás Rosati (B), 29’ Penalty Try (H), 32 ‘Penalty by Tomás Rosati (B), 36 ‘Try by Agustín Capurro converted by Santiago Fernández (H), 40’ Try by Nicolás D’amorim converted by Santiago Fernández.

Partial result: Hindu 28-17 Belgrano.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 3 ‘Try by Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa (H), 5´ Try by Belisario Agulla converted by Santiago Fernández (H), 16´ Try by Nicolás Leiva (H), 20´ Try by Agustín Capurro converted by Santiago Fernández (H), 25 ‘Try by Lisandro Rodríguez (H), 29’ Try by Lucas Pulido (H), 42 ‘Try by Agustín Rocca (B)

Final score: Hindu 62-22 Belgrano.

WARNED: PT: 29 ‘Santiago Carroll (B) and 34’ Tomás Teglia (B). ST: 14´ Julián Rebussone (B) and 40´ Leonardo Pesente (H).

REFEREE: Juan Pablo Federico

BASKETBALL COURT: Hindu Club, Don Torcuato

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