URBA Top 12: Pucará and San Luis could not escape the tie

URBA Top 12: Pucará and San Luis could not escape the tie

Despite the intensity on the field of play, Pucará and San Luis could not draw differences and signed a draw. In Burzaco, the result for the third date of the URBA Top 12 He finished in draw 9-9.

They justified the tie because both lacked total dominance in some aspect of the game. Control of the oval forced a constant interruption and the draw went well with the two teams, who presented many new faces this season.

The match it was played away from the ingoal, between the 22 meters of both teams. There each one had their moments to unbalance and they even had the opportunity to make differences by being with one more player for the three yellow cards that Tomás Bertazza distributed throughout the afternoon, but there was no case.

Neither Pucará nor San Luis managed to make differences in the fixed formations or in contact. It was difficult to be able to string together dangerous plays and they were very few times that they managed to be close to the try.

The locals bet on foot of the experienced Germán Klubus and the Marists of Felipe Hernández. The fullback from La Plata had an outstanding performance throughout the afternoon and was confident, not only in sending to the sticks, but also with the use of his foot in the game.

Second Fresh White was dispatched with a beautiful drop which in the end meant equality, when there were 2 ‘of the complement. Both wanted, but signed the tie in the end, although neither of them lowered their arms for the victory.


PUCARÁ (9): 1- Tulio Sosa (C), 2- Tomás Kelly, 3- Emilio Camba; 4. Mariano Rassetto, 5- Eliseo Fourcade; 6- Germán Fiocca, 7- Gregorio Pascual, 8- Leandro Urriza; 9- Germán Klubus, 10- Alejo Coppola; 11- Tomás Buckley, 12- Mariano Navarro, 13- Joaquín Paz, 14- Francisco Jorge; 15- Iñaki Delguy.

COACH: Gustavo Jorge.

CHANGES: PT: 8´ Tomás Montes for Camba. ST: 9´ Ignacio Coppola for Fourcade, 15´ Joaquín Jorge for Iñaki Delguy, 17´ Nicolás Mirmi for Gregorio Pascual, 20´ Jeremias de Sarro for Montes, 29´ Juan Delguy for Francisco Jorge, 35´ Tomás Rey for Burckley.

SAN LUIS (9): 1. Alan Oubiña (C), 2. Gastón Giménez, 3. Rodrigo Oubiña, 4. Pedro Acerbo, 5. Santiago Wallace, 6. Nahuel Curti, 7. Franco Gnecco, 8. Alexis Giuliatti, 9. Luka Gullo, 10. Second White Fresh, 11. Facundo Cúcolo, 12. Gonzalo Molina Ferrer, 13. Kevin Espíndola, 14. Eduardo Ruesta, 15. Felipe Hernández.

COACHES: Luciano Lazzarini, Hernán Nieto, Andrés Albina and Agustín Notti.

CHANGES: ST: 4´ Marco Morimanno for Wallace, 22´ Tomás Martínez for Giménez, 24´ Teo Ferrari for Espindola.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2´ Penalty by Felipe Hernández (SL), 8 ‘, 13’ and 23´ Penalty by German Klubus (P), 35´ Penalty by Felipe Hernández (SL).

Partial result: Pucara 9-6 San Luis.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 2´ Drop of Second Fresh White (SL).

WARNED: PT: 31´ Alan Oubiña (SL) and 40´ Germán Klubus (P). ST: 30´ Eduardo Ruesta (SL).

REFEREE: Tomás Bertazza.


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